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A little war wages on in music, with composers, theorists, and would-be artists all questioning whether a digital piano could ever replicate the warmth of an acoustic one. Sounds are debated, pitches are examined, and a satisfying resolution seems impossible to find until now. Piano City – the premier piano shop in Sydney – assures our customers that digital pianos can produce truly beautiful music. These instruments are exquisitely crafted, adapting to even the most complex passages and scores. Users can create full-bodied notes with every press of the key.


The value of acoustic instruments can’t be denied. When searching for a cheap piano in Sydney, however, don’t underestimate digital options. Sydney’s climate can be unforgiving – from the dry heat to the autumn storms to every bluster in between. The shifts in temperature can wreak havoc on acoustic instruments, but digital pianos are immune. Their electronic interiors resist even the highest humidity, making them ideal for any home or environment.

A digital piano embraces innovation, with the latest music technology embedded in their every note. Control your fingering with variable touch sensitivity settings. Enrich every sound with optimizers, samplers, and accompaniment tools. Layer songs together with built-in recorders and even take advantage of USB connectivity, downloading online content into the host terminals.

Acoustic pianos are noted for their grand sounds and equally grand sizes, with their space demands easily overpowering rooms. When searching for a cheap piano in Sydney, remember that digital instruments are compact. This makes them particularly beneficial to those in apartments or condos.

Want to buy a cheap piano? Digital options yet again prove their worth, offering lower costs than their traditional siblings. They also boast long-term benefits, requiring fewer maintenance fees and only occasional fine-tuning.


Piano City believes in the power of digital performance – which is why we offer Sydney’s best selection of new and used instruments. Visit our piano shop in Sydney to discover top brands (including Casio and Yamaha) and premium styles. We have uprights, keyboards, and even grand cabinets!

Not sure if you’re ready to buy a cheap piano in Sydney? We suggest an alternative strategy. Visit Piano City for rental opportunities, with a wide selection of digital instruments available for only $45.00 a month. Try out each key before committing to the purchase – and, should you like your choice, take advantage of interest-free financing.

Our pricing options are many and our selection is vast. What makes us the foremost piano shop in Sydney is our dedication to the customer experience. We offer exclusive services such as tuition, tuning, removals, and even polishing to make every note soar. Let our certified technicians guide you through the purchase process and beyond.


We have one goal at Piano City: to help you buy a cheap piano that’s also the best piano. No compromise is needed. Visit us today at our James Ruse Drive location. Our hours – Monday to Friday (9:30 a.m. to 5:50 p.m.), Saturday (9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), and Sunday (by appointment only) – are convenient and our staffers are always on-site to pair you with the perfect digital piano in Sydney.

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