We’ll pay cash for your piano, and remove it at our cost.

All we need is an email from you with the right information about your piano.

Email: info@pianocity.com.au (Sydney) | goldcoast@pianocity.com.au (Gold Coast)

See bellow our guideline on selling your piano with info require in the email.

  • How old is your Piano?

    • Pianos we look for, we prefer they are younger than 40 years old.
    • If you know the age or when you bought it.
    • Please provide the piano Serial Number (this is usually on the metal/iron frame of the piano, you will need to open the lid and look need the strings, machine heads which are the pins the strings are wrapped around)
    • A photo of the serial is also ideal.
  • Photos

    • We need lots of photos, just like you would be selling your piano privately we need to see what you have to offer.
    • Photos of exterior showing the Piano condition, Front and Side, Piano Bench.
    • Photo of interior, to show the condition of strings, mechanism, if there is any rust.
    • Photo of Brand, Model and Serial
    • Photos from your phone are fine but just make sure its visibly lit up enough, not a dark image so we can see the piano properly in images.
  • Where are you located? Your info.

    • We are ideally looking at local pianos only, so within 1hr from our stores, In Parramatta NSW or Gold Coast.
    • We only need your suburb/state.
    • We also need to know if the piano access has stairs and how my stairs.
    • We also need your name and your phone number.
  • Maintenance

    • Have you kept your piano maintained?
    • When was your piano last tuned?
    • What’s the overall condition of your piano, and damages or modifications?
    • We understand general wear and tear of the piano will happen but if there is anything major we would like to know.
  • What’s your price?

    • Please have an amount that you would like for your piano in your email, if you are unsure that is fine we would just like to know if you have already thought of how much you would like.
    • We do not valuate pianos, we only make an offer on your piano, after we have assessed all the information you have given us we will make you an offer, it will either be a cash or bank transfer payment.
  • When do you need the piano removed by?

    • Is this an urgent sale, do you need it removed soon?
    • Please be patient with our response, we will make a decision to purchase or not within a week.
    • If you have not heard from us we have either missed your email or still in process, but please feel free to contact us if you are concerned.
  • Inspections

    We only come to inspect if necessary, we hope to see enough information on your email that we can make a decision about buying your piano without the need for an inspection. So please provide enough information about your piano as if you were posting up an online listing.


    • This is only if you are after another piano to replace what you have.
    • If you are after a new piano and would like to trade in your old one we can work out a great trade in value offer.
    • Some pianos are not worth a trade in value so as part of a sale we can help with a removal/discard of your piano as part of the sale.