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Used Pianos

Come In to See Our Great Range of Used Pianos

Pianos are designed to last 100 years, if you are looking for a great deal on a piano then the used pianos are a great place to start, we sell pianos in top condition from 20 years old and to assure you with the quality of your purchase we provide you with a warranty. Come in to take your pick on the 100s of pianos we have on offer in Sydney, once you find your piano we have finance options to make your purchase remember there will be only that one you like so don’t miss-out!

Available Used Pianos  -  Call for more Info

Used Pianos Sydney
Yamaha UX30A
1992. Great Sounding Piano, Polished Ebony
Beale BE-43
Polished Mahogany
Young Chang U-131
Clear warm sound, Polished Mahogany.
Royale DR-E
Polished Mahogany
Yamaha LU-90
1976, Polished Walnut.
Kawai CL-4WO
1987, Polished Walnut.
Yamaha U2
1973, Polished Walnut.
Kawai BL-31
1977, Polished Ebony.
Kawai US-55
1987, Polished Ebony.
Yamaha UX30B1
1988, Great Sounding, Polished Ebony.
Yamaha U3A
1984, Polished Ebony
Kawai K8
1970, Polished Ebony.
Yamaha UX3
1980, Polished Ebony.
Yamaha U3A
1984, Polished Ebony
Used Pianos Gold Coast
Yamaha U1 AS 121cm Brown Upright Piano
30 years of age. Amazing warm tone piano sound
Yamaha LX113 113cm Upright Piano
20 years of age.
Kawai US-60M 132cm Polished Ebony
Was $8999 | Now $7999
60th Anniversary Limited Edition, Made in Japan, Great condition!
Yamaha MX U1 Disklavier - self playing piano
Was $9999 | Now $7999
Bluetooth Connectivity, app control | 30 Years of Age
Yamaha U1 PE 121cm Piano
Beautiful Sound and piano action, 46 years old
Kawai NS-35 Full size Upright Piano
Was $6299 | Now $5499
30 years made in japan
Kawai Red Mahogany 108cm piano
Made in Japan, 30 years of age, great condition.
Yamaha U1 Matte Finish brown
48 years of age,includes Tuning, Delivery within 20km /no stairs or steep driveways
Young Chang 121cm Marone Colour
Was $3199 | Now $2999
30 years of age
Hyundai 108cm Piano Cream white colour
Was $2699 | Now $1999
30 years of age
Alex Steinbach Piano 121cm Polished ebony
Great condition 15 years of age
Yamaha U30 BL 131cm Polished Ebony
Was $9999 | Now $9499
Year 1989
Alex Steinbach Piano 121cm Polished ebony
Great condition 18 years of age
Kawai Walnut Polish 108cm piano
Beautiful design, classic style look, 30 Years of Age
K.Kawai 173cm Grand Brown Piano
Great condition, 50 years of age
Samick Concert Grand Piano SIP-228
with Piano Disc like a disklavier, 12 years of age, top condition! C7 Size
More info
Roland KR-575 88key Digital piano
Great working order.
Yamaha CVP-609B Top Condition

Importer of Japanese Pianos

At Piano City we want to bring the best quality pianos possible at affordable prices, and we know not everyone can afford a brand new piano. Our 2nd hand pianos have been checked through and the ones we bring in from Japan come in immaculate condition. We pride ourselves to offer you only but the best and can offer a guarantee of up to 10 years warranty depending on your piano purchase.

Since our pianos are imported via shipping containers just like a brand new piano we take care of handling the piano and can offer the piano regulation and tuning before it arrives to your home.

Buying a Japanese import will feel like a brand new piano! We have 100s of pianos coming in on a regular basis, and not always the same models, so once we’ve sold it, it’s gone.

To keep up with our piano imports  subscribe to hour newsletter or Facebook, or we more than welcome a phone call, as there maybe be something particular you are after and we might be able to get it for you!

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, and the best thing about coming into our showroom, we can show you a new model compared to the used model, you can take the time to feel, listen and decide how a used piano holds up to a new one. We also offer interest free finance and zippay on both our new and used pianos to help you start on your piano journey right away!