Yamaha Modus Pianos Available from Sydney Retailer, Including Modus R01, H01, H11 and F01

Trying to find Yamaha digital pianos from a trusted retailer? Piano City in Parramatta, NSW has a variety of Yamaha piano instruments, including an array of Modus models. The Modus line of pianos feature digital instruments that emulate the sound of acoustic pianos. They also feature a number of attractive designs that are slim and sophisticated.

Digital pianos have a number of benefits, including being generally smaller, easier to transport and needing less maintenance. For example, having no strings within the cabinet, a digital piano will never need to be tuned. As long as its calibrated as such, it will remain in perfect 440 tuning. Although piano purists have traditionally preferred the rich natural harmonics of acoustic pianos to digital models, the new line of digital pianos from Yamaha uses cutting edge technology to produce one of the most authentic digital tones yet. Piano City offers pianists the rare chance to try Modus pianos, thus seeing, feeling and hearing the new technology, first hand.


As with the other Modus models, The R01 features many characteristics of an acoustic piano. Natural wood keys with synthetic ivory keytops make the action feel very similar to that of a real concert grand piano. Yamaha’s dynamic stereo sampling makes the piano sound very authentic and realistic. Unique to the R01 is its minimalist four-legged design, which fits into most rooms as a piece of furniture. If you’re a pianist looking to buy the Modus R01 in the Sydney area, shopping at Piano City gives you an excellent chance to investigate the floor model. Piano professionals are also on hand to assist your decision-making and provide expert services.


Want an electric piano with a more futuristic appearance? The Yamaha Modus H11 and H01 feature a triangular cabinet, similar to that of a grand piano. The keys are also made of natural wood with synthetic ivory keytops. The H11 also features an automatic playback that presses down the keys, which is great for the visual learner. Watching the keys play “by themselves” can be a treat for guests and a handy tool for learning complicated parts.

The Yamaha Modus F01, another available model, is traditional in appearance but very cutting-edge. The model is ideal for those who desire an elegant piano but need to save on space: The beautiful polished back plate stands flush against the wall, making it fit elegantly in the room.

Regardless of which Modus you decide, Piano City gives you a hands-on browsing experience to fully grasp the look and feel of each model. If you’re still confused about features you want, trained experts will be able to offer their advice. Even if you’re not in the Sydney area, Piano City offers nationwide shipping across Australia, so there’s no need to miss out on the excellent selection and service of Piano city.

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Used Yamaha and Kawai Pianos Available From Largest Sydney Piano Retailer

With so many different types of pianos out there, it is important to carefully consider the features that will be most suitable for your needs. Different makes and models are unique in their shape, size, sound and keyboard action. To start, consider where you will place your new piano – in the living room? In a separate practice room? In a studio or concert hall? Space is a major limiting factor, as your new piano will have to fit inside the room where it will be placed. If you do need a smaller piano, an upright is a good acoustic piano choice, while digital pianos can be even smaller and more portable.

Other factors to consider are the tone and playability. The longer strings of a grand or baby grand piano will produce the richest tones. However, they are also very large and in a higher price range. Upright pianos can also have very rich tones and nice keyboard action. Some digital pianos, too, such as Yamaha’s Modus series, authentically reproduce the tone and playability of acoustic pianos.


With so many factors influencing your choice of piano, it can often help to physically browse through pianos. Sydney retailer Piano City offers musicians this opportunity with their premier showroom. There, pianists can see, feel and here pianos first hand. Customers can browse through the extensive collection of new and used upright, grand and digital pianos, including brands like Yamaha, Beale Grand, Upright, Kawai, Alex Steinbach, Young Chang, W M Knabe & Co and Victor. They can hear the difference between materials and feel the impact of different keys. Furthermore, Piano City’s team of experts can help customers browse pianos that best suit their needs.

No more browsing in the dark. This unique, hands-on shopping experience is a must try for Sydney area pianists. Piano City also offers professional services such as tuning, restoration, repairs and general maintenance. It is the piano store Sydney area musicians will wish they knew about sooner.


Can’t work a major purchase into your budget at the moment? There’s no need to rule out a new or second hand piano purchase. Piano City also offers customers the chance to finance their purchase. Always aiming to make instruments accessible to children and young people, Piano City can offer young musicians interest free loans.

A division of Sieff’s Music store, the store’s experts have over 30 years of professional experience. All services offered are performed by trained experts with passion for instrument care. Piano City prides itself in knowing customers are receiving the best possible deal thanks to the store’s large size and ability to get the best prices from suppliers. Musicians outside of the Sydney area can also take advantage of Piano City’s premier service and selection. The most comprehensive nationwide delivery is offered thanks to their specialist moving teams.

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The Best Source For Cheap New Yamaha Pianos In Sydney Is Piano City

Piano City is Sydney’s largest retailer of both new and used pianos. As an authorized dealer of Yamaha, Beale/Pearl River, and Roland models, Piano City is the best source for cheap new Yamaha pianos in Sydney. The Piano City showroom is stocked full of a wide variety of models designed to meet the needs of pianists of all levels.

For over 30 years, the professionals at Piano City have been dedicated to being piano specialists in the Sydney area. They offer everything from the sales of cheap new Yamaha pianos in Sydney to used pianos to rentals and much more. Piano City will also repair and tune pianos. It is recommended that a piano is tuned and maintained on a yearly basis. The expert technicians at Piano City are skilled in all aspects of tuning, piano maintenance, and even the restoration of pianos.

Customers looking for cheap new Yamaha pianos in Sydney will find the best deals at Piano City. Because of the size of the company, Piano City gets the best deals from its suppliers. It then passes on those amazing deals to its customers to ensure that you get a great deal on a quality piano.

Piano City also offers rentals on a short- or long-term basis. Rent a piano for a special occasion or rent one with the intention of buying one later. Piano City will also deliver new, used, or rental pianos anywhere in the country with its comprehensive nationwide delivery service. Whatever your piano needs may be, Piano City has you covered.

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Piano City Has Digital Piano For Sale In Sydney

Visit Piano City and its showroom in Parramatta to find a digital piano for sale in Sydney. The experts at Piano City can help customers looking for a digital piano, or any piano, to find the most suitable one for their needs. Customers can find brand new or pre-loved (used) instruments and several different methods of acquiring one. Piano City offers various financing programs as well as the option to rent a piano.

With over 30 years of experience in the business, Piano City offers a great selection of the most popular brands and models when it comes to a digital piano for sale in Sydney. Customers will find not only a great range of digital pianos, but also the most competitive prices. The sheer size of the Piano City operation – now with four stores total – gives them the opportunity to offer the best prices in the business. It is something that Piano City prides itself on – offering the best deals and the best service to all of its customers. They will beat any price on new or used pianos, guaranteed.

Piano City has the best selection and the best prices in the area, but they also have the best after-the-sale service as well. Their technicians are expertly trained and have a wealth of experience in maintaining, repairing, restoring, and tuning pianos. For families with children who may have outgrown their piano, a trade-in or buy-back program is available. Customers can sell their piano back to Piano City and technicians will service and it and offer it to another future player.

Looking to Buy or Rent a Piano? Retailer Offers Pianos for Sale in Sydney Area

Looking to buy or rent a piano in Sydney? It is important to consider the wide variety of options available. Coming in numerous different shapes, sizes, makes and models, Pianos sound as diverse as they can appear. Grand, baby grand, upright and digital pianos all serve different functions that are best suited for different performers.

For example, while a grand piano offers the richest tone, the large sizes (often 6 to 7 feet or longer) makes grand pianos less suitable for space-saving situations, whereas an upright piano would be far more fitting. Similarly, the variety of tones and functions of digital pianos make them preferable to some players, though others will also prefer the natural harmonics of an acoustic piano.

Thus it is important to carefully choose your piano. Be it for purchase or rental, the perfect match is waiting to be found. For shoppers in the Sydney area, Piano City in Parramatta is a great place to search. Being the largest retailer in Sydney, Piano City has a massive selection. The hands on experience will certainly help buyers understand their need and a team of experts is available to assist the decision.


For top quality pianos for sale, Sydney area retailer Piano City offers an extensive selection, including grands, baby grands, uprights and digital pianos. There are a wide range of new pianos in stock, which include brands such as Yamaha, Beale Grand and Upright acoustic pianos. However, carefully refurbished secondhand models greatly expand the options – including many upright Yamaha and Kawai models as well as Yamaha, Alex Steinbach, Young Chang, W M Knabe & Co and Victor grand pianos.

Electronic piano and synthesizer brands include Casio, Roland, Korg and Ashton. Although the sound is digitally produced, some of these models include touch sensitive and weighted keys, which closely emulate real pianos. Often much more portable than acoustic pianos, these electronic models are ideal for performers who travel. Also, the variety of tones and midi controller capability makes these pianos and synths are highly customizable – perfect for the inventive type.


Perhaps you’re looking for a rental as opposed to a piano sale? Sydney retailer Piano City offers a good range of pianos to rent for a special occasion. Holding a concert and need a grand piano for the night? Or perhaps you’re headlining a week at the jazz club and need an upright piano that will do the trick? Rentals from Piano City give you access to a superb selection of pianos, so there’s no need to settle for less.

Piano City also features a great array of piano services, including tuning, repairs, restoration and general maintenance. Their team of experts can assist with nearly any piano-related need. Nationwide shipping makes their premier selection available to pianists across the country. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a grand, baby grand, upright or digital piano, the premier service, selection and guaranteed lowest prices of Piano City makes it the perfect stop for piano needs.

Looking For New Yamaha Pianos In Sydney? Stop In At Piano City

If you are looking for new Yamaha pianos in Sydney, stop in at Piano City, the city’s largest retailer of both new and used models. Piano City is an authorised dealer of Beale/Pearl River and Yamaha acoustic pianos and also for Roland and Yamaha digital pianos. Whatever your piano needs may be, Piano City has the solution.

For those looking for new Yamaha pianos in Sydney, you will find a range of new models grand pianos to baby grands, concert grand pianos, and gold standard Yamaha models. Piano City also has a wide selection of Beale grand and upright pianos to meet the needs of most pianists, no matter their level of play. With over 30 years in the industry, the experts at Piano City can advise you on new models that would be suitable for your situation.

If you are not quite ready for a new model, Piano City stocks a range of used pianos. A wide variety of Yamaha and Kawai pianos are readily available. Each and every secondhand piano has been professionally and expertly serviced and tuned so that it sounds and looks like new.

Piano City also offers rentals, piano repairs, tuning, restoration, and more. Their technicians have years of experience in all aspects of piano maintenance, tuning, and restoration. Customers enjoy Piano City because it offers the best deals to its customers on new and used piano models. The sheer size of Piano City allows them to get great deals from their suppliers and pass them on to their customers.

Looking for Beale or Yamaha Pianos in Sydney? Showroom Features Extensive Collection of New and Second Hand Models

Getting a new piano can be a major decision. Selecting which type, make and model can be difficult. Careful consideration, however, is certain to pay off. Although browsing and sampling models can be a hassle, a perfect match is priceless. A piano with the perfect look, sound and feel will give you many years of delighted use.

Whether you’re looking for new or second hand pianos, Sydney musicians should take advantage of Piano City’s premier showroom. Numerous upright, grand, and digital pianos from top brands are on display in the Parramatta showroom. In fact, they are the largest retailer of pianos in the area. The wide selection gives customers a great number of options. Meanwhile, the advice from professionals will help customers find their perfect match. If you’re looking to browse used pianos, Sydney’s top piano experts at Piano City perform restoration, repairs and maintenance with the utmost care and precision.


Australia’s first piano manufacturer, Beale, opened its first factory in the late nineteenth century. Beale was innovative for creating Pianos with all-iron tuning system and for using local timbres that were suited to Australia’s changeable climate. Production eventually slowed and ceased in the 1970s, but has since restarted outside the country.

Today, Beale produces two grand pianos – the GP148 and GP160 – and four upright pianos – the UP108M, UP118M, UP121S and UP130TS. Many of these models are available at Piano City. Customers can observe the unique features of each, such as the all-spruce keys of their grand piano models, or the Euro-style case of the UP118M. Piano City’s team of experts can answer any questions about the models so that customers may be assisted with their search.


The major Japanese piano maker Yamaha first began manufacturing pianos in the early 20th century. Early grand piano models won numerous awards from international exhibitions, inspiring greater production. The number of instruments produced rose greatly throughout the 20th century. By the 1960s, Yamaha became the world’s largest piano manufacturer.

Today, the company produces numerous upright, grand, disklavier, digital and hybrid pianos. The upright U Series has become a standard for educational institutions and is also popular for professional applications and for home pianists. The U Series uprights have a rich, balanced tone that is consistent across the keyboard. They are exceptionally strong and durable. Other models emphasise different characteristics. For example, the YUS Series was crafted with specially designed hammers that provide superior voicing.

Piano City carriers a large number of Yamaha uprights, as well as new and used grand pianos. G series grand pianos make the tonal beauty of these large-bodied instruments available to those with a smaller budget, while C series grand pianos are built with exceptional detail and produce a remarkable tone. Many of these models can be found at Piano City’s Parramatta showroom. Customers have the rare opportunity to examine an array of models first hand. Furthermore, with nationwide shipping available, customers across Australia can take advantage of Piano City’s selection.

Looking for a Digital Piano? Visit our Piano Shop in Sydney!

A little war wages on in music, with composers, theorists, and would-be artists all questioning whether a digital piano could ever replicate the warmth of an acoustic one. Sounds are debated, pitches are examined, and a satisfying resolution seems impossible to find until now. Piano City – the premier piano shop in Sydney – assures our customers that digital pianos can produce truly beautiful music. These instruments are exquisitely crafted, adapting to even the most complex passages and scores. Users can create full-bodied notes with every press of the key.


The value of acoustic instruments can’t be denied. When searching for a cheap piano in Sydney, however, don’t underestimate digital options. Sydney’s climate can be unforgiving – from the dry heat to the autumn storms to every bluster in between. The shifts in temperature can wreak havoc on acoustic instruments, but digital pianos are immune. Their electronic interiors resist even the highest humidity, making them ideal for any home or environment.

A digital piano embraces innovation, with the latest music technology embedded in their every note. Control your fingering with variable touch sensitivity settings. Enrich every sound with optimizers, samplers, and accompaniment tools. Layer songs together with built-in recorders and even take advantage of USB connectivity, downloading online content into the host terminals.

Acoustic pianos are noted for their grand sounds and equally grand sizes, with their space demands easily overpowering rooms. When searching for a cheap piano in Sydney, remember that digital instruments are compact. This makes them particularly beneficial to those in apartments or condos.

Want to buy a cheap piano? Digital options yet again prove their worth, offering lower costs than their traditional siblings. They also boast long-term benefits, requiring fewer maintenance fees and only occasional fine-tuning.


Piano City believes in the power of digital performance – which is why we offer Sydney’s best selection of new and used instruments. Visit our piano shop in Sydney to discover top brands (including Casio and Yamaha) and premium styles. We have uprights, keyboards, and even grand cabinets!

Not sure if you’re ready to buy a cheap piano in Sydney? We suggest an alternative strategy. Visit Piano City for rental opportunities, with a wide selection of digital instruments available for only $45.00 a month. Try out each key before committing to the purchase – and, should you like your choice, take advantage of interest-free financing.

Our pricing options are many and our selection is vast. What makes us the foremost piano shop in Sydney is our dedication to the customer experience. We offer exclusive services such as tuition, tuning, removals, and even polishing to make every note soar. Let our certified technicians guide you through the purchase process and beyond.


We have one goal at Piano City: to help you buy a cheap piano that’s also the best piano. No compromise is needed. Visit us today at our James Ruse Drive location. Our hours – Monday to Friday (9:30 a.m. to 5:50 p.m.), Saturday (9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), and Sunday (by appointment only) – are convenient and our staffers are always on-site to pair you with the perfect digital piano.

Grand, Upright and Digital Pianos Available at Sydney Piano Store

Looking for a place to browse grand, upright or digital pianos? Sydney pianists can browse Piano City in Parramatta, the largest piano retailer in the area. Getting a hands-on shopping experience will greatly help musicians narrow their choice of instrument. Seeing, feeling and hearing the pianos first hand is a great help to choose a suitable piano. Furthermore, Piano City has a team of industry experts that can help musicians browse and also provide professional services, such as tuning, maintenance and repairs.


The decision of which piano to purchase should be made carefully. Different makes and models have unique tones and keyboard action. Before delving into the characteristics of different manufacturers, however, you should narrow down which type of piano to purchase. Grand pianos are used in most professional applications. The large cabinet is often 6 to 7 feet or longer. The longer strings allow more frequencies to resonate, thus producing a richer tone. These large instruments are often fitted in studios and concert halls. Given their size and high price range, however, they would not be well suited for a small living room.

If you’re looking for a grand piano in the Sydney area, Piano City carries new Yamaha and Beale Grand models. They also carry Yamaha, Alex Steinbach, Young Chang, W M Knabe & Co and Victor second hand models. Just need the piano for a single night event? Or perhaps you need one for a week to rehearse? Piano City offers a rental service to customers as well as a rent-to-own plan.


For those looking for a smaller or more economical acoustic piano, an upright is a good choice. In grand and baby grand pianos, strings are placed horizontally; thus the need for a long cabinet. In upright pianos, however, strings are placed vertically which greatly reduces the size. These pianos can often fit in a living room or tight practice space. While the price may be cheaper, these pianos are by no means low quality. Some have very rich tones that rival that of baby grand’s. Plus, some performers prefer the tone of an upright for certain applications.

Consider an upright piano? Piano City has a very large selection of new and used uprights from Japanese brands like Yamaha and Kawai. Piano City’s team of piano experts can help find the most suitable instrument. If size is the biggest issue, pianists should also consider digital pianos. Models like Yamaha’s Modus series authentically simulate the tone and keyboard action of acoustic pianos, but at a much smaller size. Digital pianos are ideal for those with very practice spaces. However, the benefits of a digital piano can make them suitable for other reasons. For one, due to the lack of strings, there is less of a need for upkeep. The piano will not naturally fall out of tune like its acoustic counterpart. Furthermore, these instruments are far more portable, making them ideal for the touring musician who needs to travel with his or her piano.

Find Grand and Baby Grand Piano For Sale in Sydney Area

Looking for a grand or baby grand piano in the Sydney area? Choose a retailer with a wide selection and competitive prices. A grand or baby grand piano is a large purchase that requires careful consideration. Different manufacturers and materials will result in widely divergent sounds and features – that is not to mention the variety of shapes and sizes. To find a grand piano for sale that suits your needs, shoppers in the Sydney area can browse the showroom of the largest retailer in Sydney. Piano City in Parramatta has a massive selection of new and second-hand grand and baby grand pianos for sale. The array of options afforded by the warehouse and showroom is almost certain to match every pianist’s needs. The variety of services and the advice of experts also make Piano City an enjoyable and hassle-free piano shopping experience.


Parramatta’s Piano City carries many of the finest new grand pianos, including Yamaha and Beale Grand. If you’re looking for a grand piano, you no doubt understand the tonal beauty of these large-bodied instruments. The longer strings allow more frequencies to resonate, which results in a richer harmonic palate. Piano City carries some of the finest grand pianos from top brands. The retailer also carries a number of second-hand grand pianos, including those from Yamaha, Alex Steinbach, Young Chang, W M Knabe & Co and Victor. If you’re unsure of which piano will best suite your needs, Piano City’s team of experts can help you find a perfect match.


If your budget or available space does not allow for a full grand piano, consider finding a baby grand piano for sale. While grand pianos tend to be about 6 to 7 feet in length, baby grand pianos are usually a little over 5 feet long. The smaller length makes these pianos easier to move than their larger counterparts. They’re also easier to fit in tight rehearsal spaces. Though smaller, the similar shape means baby grand pianos share a rich, full-bodied tone.

Regardless of which size you desire, Piano City is an excellent place for Sydney customers to browse and discuss their options with piano experts. The hands-on experience is like no other in piano shopping. Hearing and feeling the difference will ensure you make the right selection – one that you will enjoy for many years.

Piano City prides itself in offering the best deals on pianos. Thanks to its large size, the retailer is able to get the very best prices from its suppliers. Furthermore, Piano City’s team members include experts in restoration, repairs, general maintenance and tuning. Once a purchase is made, it is followed up with comprehensive delivery and aftercare service. Buyers outside of the Sydney area should note the availability of nationwide delivery, which means the massive selection of grand and baby grand pianos is available to shoppers all across Australia. There’s no need to settle for less when you can browse the top piano retailer!