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Grand, Upright and Digital Pianos Available at Sydney Piano Store

Looking for a place to browse grand, upright or digital pianos? Sydney pianists can browse Piano City in Parramatta, the largest piano retailer in the area. Getting a hands-on shopping experience will greatly help musicians narrow their choice of instrument. Seeing, feeling and hearing the pianos first hand is a great help to choose a suitable piano. Furthermore, Piano City has a team of industry experts that can help musicians browse and also provide professional services, such as tuning, maintenance and repairs.


The decision of which piano to purchase should be made carefully. Different makes and models have unique tones and keyboard action. Before delving into the characteristics of different manufacturers, however, you should narrow down which type of piano to purchase. Grand pianos are used in most professional applications. The large cabinet is often 6 to 7 feet or longer. The longer strings allow more frequencies to resonate, thus producing a richer tone. These large instruments are often fitted in studios and concert halls. Given their size and high price range, however, they would not be well suited for a small living room.

If you’re looking for a grand piano in the Sydney area, Piano City carries new Yamaha and Beale Grand models. They also carry Yamaha, Alex Steinbach, Young Chang, W M Knabe & Co and Victor second hand models. Just need the piano for a single night event? Or perhaps you need one for a week to rehearse? Piano City offers a rental service to customers as well as a rent-to-own plan.


For those looking for a smaller or more economical acoustic piano, an upright is a good choice. In grand and baby grand pianos, strings are placed horizontally; thus the need for a long cabinet. In upright pianos, however, strings are placed vertically which greatly reduces the size. These pianos can often fit in a living room or tight practice space. While the price may be cheaper, these pianos are by no means low quality. Some have very rich tones that rival that of baby grand’s. Plus, some performers prefer the tone of an upright for certain applications.

Consider an upright piano? Piano City has a very large selection of new and used uprights from Japanese brands like Yamaha and Kawai. Piano City’s team of piano experts can help find the most suitable instrument. If size is the biggest issue, pianists should also consider digital pianos. Models like Yamaha’s Modus series authentically simulate the tone and keyboard action of acoustic pianos, but at a much smaller size. Digital pianos are ideal for those with very practice spaces. However, the benefits of a digital piano can make them suitable for other reasons. For one, due to the lack of strings, there is less of a need for upkeep. The piano will not naturally fall out of tune like its acoustic counterpart. Furthermore, these instruments are far more portable, making them ideal for the touring musician who needs to travel with his or her piano.

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