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Looking for Beale or Yamaha Pianos in Sydney? Showroom Features Extensive Collection of New and Second Hand Models

Getting a new piano can be a major decision. Selecting which type, make and model can be difficult. Careful consideration, however, is certain to pay off. Although browsing and sampling models can be a hassle, a perfect match is priceless. A piano with the perfect look, sound and feel will give you many years of delighted use.

Whether you’re looking for new or second hand pianos, Sydney musicians should take advantage of Piano City’s premier showroom. Numerous upright, grand, and digital pianos from top brands are on display in the Parramatta showroom. In fact, they are the largest retailer of pianos in the area. The wide selection gives customers a great number of options. Meanwhile, the advice from professionals will help customers find their perfect match. If you’re looking to browse used pianos, Sydney’s top piano experts at Piano City perform restoration, repairs and maintenance with the utmost care and precision.


Australia’s first piano manufacturer, Beale, opened its first factory in the late nineteenth century. Beale was innovative for creating Pianos with all-iron tuning system and for using local timbres that were suited to Australia’s changeable climate. Production eventually slowed and ceased in the 1970s, but has since restarted outside the country.

Today, Beale produces two grand pianos – the GP148 and GP160 – and four upright pianos – the UP108M, UP118M, UP121S and UP130TS. Many of these models are available at Piano City. Customers can observe the unique features of each, such as the all-spruce keys of their grand piano models, or the Euro-style case of the UP118M. Piano City’s team of experts can answer any questions about the models so that customers may be assisted with their search.


The major Japanese piano maker Yamaha first began manufacturing pianos in the early 20th century. Early grand piano models won numerous awards from international exhibitions, inspiring greater production. The number of instruments produced rose greatly throughout the 20th century. By the 1960s, Yamaha became the world’s largest piano manufacturer.

Today, the company produces numerous upright, grand, disklavier, digital and hybrid pianos. The upright U Series has become a standard for educational institutions and is also popular for professional applications and for home pianists. The U Series uprights have a rich, balanced tone that is consistent across the keyboard. They are exceptionally strong and durable. Other models emphasise different characteristics. For example, the YUS Series was crafted with specially designed hammers that provide superior voicing.

Piano City carriers a large number of Yamaha uprights, as well as new and used pianos in Sydney. G series grand pianos make the tonal beauty of these large-bodied instruments available to those with a smaller budget, while C series grand pianos are built with exceptional detail and produce a remarkable tone. Many of these models can be found at Piano City’s Parramatta showroom. Customers have the rare opportunity to examine an array of models first hand. Furthermore, with nationwide shipping available, customers across Australia can take advantage of Piano City’s selection.

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