Find Grand and Baby Grand Piano For Sale in Sydney Area

Looking for a grand or baby grand piano in the Sydney area? Choose a retailer with a wide selection and competitive prices. A grand or baby grand piano is a large purchase that requires careful consideration. Different manufacturers and materials will result in widely divergent sounds and features – that is not to mention the variety of shapes and sizes. To find a grand piano for sale that suits your needs, shoppers in the Sydney area can browse the showroom of the largest retailer in Sydney. Piano City in Parramatta has a massive selection of new and second-hand grand and baby grand pianos for sale. The array of options afforded by the warehouse and showroom is almost certain to match every pianist’s needs. The variety of services and the advice of experts also make Piano City an enjoyable and hassle-free piano shopping experience.


Parramatta’s Piano City carries many of the finest new grand pianos, including Yamaha and Beale Grand. If you’re looking for a grand piano, you no doubt understand the tonal beauty of these large-bodied instruments. The longer strings allow more frequencies to resonate, which results in a richer harmonic palate. Piano City carries some of the finest grand pianos from top brands. The retailer also carries a number of second-hand grand pianos, including those from Yamaha, Alex Steinbach, Young Chang, W M Knabe & Co and Victor. If you’re unsure of which piano will best suite your needs, Piano City’s team of experts can help you find a perfect match.


If your budget or available space does not allow for a full grand piano, consider finding a baby grand piano for sale. While grand pianos tend to be about 6 to 7 feet in length, baby grand pianos are usually a little over 5 feet long. The smaller length makes these pianos easier to move than their larger counterparts. They’re also easier to fit in tight rehearsal spaces. Though smaller, the similar shape means baby grand pianos share a rich, full-bodied tone.

Regardless of which size you desire, Piano City is an excellent place for Sydney customers to browse and discuss their options with piano experts. The hands-on experience is like no other in piano shopping. Hearing and feeling the difference will ensure you make the right selection – one that you will enjoy for many years.

Piano City prides itself in offering the best deals on pianos. Thanks to its large size, the retailer is able to get the very best prices from its suppliers. Furthermore, Piano City’s team members include experts in restoration, repairs, general maintenance and tuning. Once a purchase is made, it is followed up with comprehensive delivery and aftercare service. Buyers outside of the Sydney area should note the availability of nationwide delivery, which means the massive selection of grand and baby grand pianos is available to shoppers all across Australia. There’s no need to settle for less when you can browse the top piano retailer!

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