Buy New Yamaha Pianos In Sydney At Piano City

When you are looking to buy new Yamaha pianos in Sydney, the only place to go is Piano City. A division of Sieff’s Music Stores, the professionals at Piano City have over 30 years in the business of helping families find the right piano or keyboard. From grand pianos to baby grands, uprights, and more, Piano City offers a wide range of instruments to meet the needs of pianists of all levels.

Piano City is the largest piano retailer in Sydney carrying both new and used pianos. They are an authorised dealer of Yamaha and Beale/Pearl River acoustic pianos as well as Yamaha and Roland digital pianos. When customers are searching to buy new Yamaha pianos in Sydney, Piano City prides itself on being able to offer the best deals with the best service around. Because of the size of Piano City, the company is able to get amazing deals from suppliers and can then pass those great savings on to customers.

Not only does Piano City sell new models, they also have a wide range of secondhand pianos. All of the used pianos for sale in the showroom have been expertly serviced and will be able to provide years of quality playing. The experts at Piano City can also provide routine tuning of all models. It is recommended that a piano be tuned once a year.

Piano City also offers the ability to rent a piano. Pianos can be rented for special occasions or for those who are not quite ready to buy. Whatever your piano needs, Piano City has the answer.

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