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Yamaha Modus Pianos Available from Sydney Retailer, Including Modus R01, H01, H11 and F01

Trying to find Yamaha digital pianos from a trusted retailer? Piano City in Parramatta, NSW has a variety of Yamaha piano instruments, including an array of Modus models. The Modus line of pianos feature digital instruments that emulate the sound of acoustic pianos. They also feature a number of attractive designs that are slim and sophisticated.

Digital pianos have a number of benefits, including being generally smaller, easier to transport and needing less maintenance. For example, having no strings within the cabinet, a digital piano will never need to be tuned. As long as its calibrated as such, it will remain in perfect 440 tuning. Although piano purists have traditionally preferred the rich natural harmonics of acoustic pianos to digital models, the new line of digital pianos from Yamaha uses cutting edge technology to produce one of the most authentic digital tones yet. Piano City offers pianists the rare chance to try Modus pianos, thus seeing, feeling and hearing the new technology, first hand.


As with the other Modus models, The R01 features many characteristics of an acoustic piano. Natural wood keys with synthetic ivory keytops make the action feel very similar to that of a real concert grand piano. Yamaha’s dynamic stereo sampling makes the piano sound very authentic and realistic. Unique to the R01 is its minimalist four-legged design, which fits into most rooms as a piece of furniture. If you’re a pianist looking to buy the Modus R01 in the Sydney area, shopping at Piano City gives you an excellent chance to investigate the floor model. Piano professionals are also on hand to assist your decision-making and provide expert services.


Want an electric piano with a more futuristic appearance? The Yamaha Modus H11 and H01 feature a triangular cabinet, similar to that of a grand piano. The keys are also made of natural wood with synthetic ivory keytops. The H11 also features an automatic playback that presses down the keys, which is great for the visual learner. Watching the keys play “by themselves” can be a treat for guests and a handy tool for learning complicated parts.

The Yamaha Modus F01, another available model, is traditional in appearance but very cutting-edge. The model is ideal for those who desire an elegant piano but need to save on space: The beautiful polished back plate stands flush against the wall, making it fit elegantly in the room.

Regardless of which Modus you decide, Piano City gives you a hands-on browsing experience to fully grasp the look and feel of each model. If you’re still confused about features you want, trained experts will be able to offer their advice. Even if you’re not in the Sydney area, Piano City offers nationwide shipping across Australia, so there’s no need to miss out on the excellent selection and service of Piano city.

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