Used Yamaha and Kawai Pianos Available From Largest Sydney Piano Retailer

With so many different types of pianos out there, it is important to carefully consider the features that will be most suitable for your needs. Different makes and models are unique in their shape, size, sound and keyboard action. To start, consider where you will place your new piano – in the living room? In a separate practice room? In a studio or concert hall? Space is a major limiting factor, as your new piano will have to fit inside the room where it will be placed. If you do need a smaller piano, an upright is a good acoustic piano choice, while digital pianos can be even smaller and more portable.

Other factors to consider are the tone and playability. The longer strings of a grand or baby grand piano will produce the richest tones. However, they are also very large and in a higher price range. Upright pianos can also have very rich tones and nice keyboard action. Some digital pianos, too, such as Yamaha’s Modus series, authentically reproduce the tone and playability of acoustic pianos.


With so many factors influencing your choice of piano, it can often help to physically browse through pianos. Sydney retailer Piano City offers musicians this opportunity with their premier showroom. There, pianists can see, feel and here pianos first hand. Customers can browse through the extensive collection of new and used upright, grand and digital pianos, including brands like Yamaha, Beale Grand, Upright, Kawai, Alex Steinbach, Young Chang, W M Knabe & Co and Victor. They can hear the difference between materials and feel the impact of different keys. Furthermore, Piano City’s team of experts can help customers browse pianos that best suit their needs.

No more browsing in the dark. This unique, hands-on shopping experience is a must try for Sydney area pianists. Piano City also offers professional services such as tuning, restoration, repairs and general maintenance. It is the piano store Sydney area musicians will wish they knew about sooner.


Can’t work a major purchase into your budget at the moment? There’s no need to rule out a new or second hand piano purchase. Piano City also offers customers the chance to finance their purchase. Piano City offers the chance to purchase Yamaha digital piano Brisbane and kawai pianos Sydney.Always aiming to make instruments accessible to children and young people, Piano City can offer young musicians interest free loans.

A division of Sieff’s Music store, the store’s experts have over 30 years of professional experience. All services offered are performed by trained experts with passion for instrument care. Piano City prides itself in knowing customers are receiving the best possible deal thanks to the store’s large size and ability to get the best prices from suppliers. Musicians outside of the Sydney area can also take advantage of Piano City’s premier service and selection. The most comprehensive nationwide delivery is offered thanks to their specialist moving teams.

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