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USB MIDI Cable Adapter – Apple iOS Lightning Port & Charging port

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MIDI OTG Cable for your Digital Piano or Keyboard instrument to connect to IPhone iOS devices with lightning port. Charging port to simultaneously charge and use MIDI. MIDI capability to connect to applications which give you abilitys to learn how to play, recording, composing, and on some piano brands connects audio line in to the speakers of the piano allowing you to hear music/video played from your device thought the speakers of your instrument. Suitable for YAMAHA, ROLAND, KORG, KAWAI, BEALE, CASIO and KURZWEIL. Will also work on Yamaha CVP and PSRSX models.

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Turn any piano or keyboard with USB connectivity into something more. There are some amazing Apps on your iOS or Android devices, plug directly in with this cable to any of your devices. Compatible with a huge range of tablets. Then just download the app required.

Cable works with MIDI apps, like Yamaha Smart Pianist, Roland Piano Partner, Piano Everyday, Casio Chordana, Flowkey, Skoove or even Simply Piano.

Applications can teach you how to play, record and compose your music or even change the voice of your piano.

This MIDI cable for apple devices, also sends audio through for products like Yamaha which allow the audio of your phone/tablet devices to play through the speakers of your piano, so watch a video and the sound will come through your piano speakers, or even use the speakers of your piano as a big sound system.

If you had not plugged in, this is an amazing advancement of technology that changes the way you play, come in store and see a demonstration.

The MIDI cable will only work in the “To Host” port, which is a standard fitting of USB Type-B connection which is a square shape, it is not the same as your charger cable of your tablet/phone which uses USB Type-A. Thats why you require this cable if you want to connect directly to your iOS or Android tablet/phone

Some pianos or keyboards will also have USB Type-A, but that port is only for “To Device” this port is only used for a usb memory stick and will not work to connect to external tablets or phones for a MIDI connection as it is not a MIDI device.


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