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Yamaha CVP-809/805 and PSR-SX900/700 product Launch Demonstration Video

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Yamaha experts Leon Blaher and Bradley Eustace, visited Piano City Helensvale on our Grand opening day to Launch the new Yamaha Products.

The CVP-809 and the CVP-805, are Yamaha’s latest Flagship model digital pianos. They are feature packed with a range of realistic voices, styles, songs and lessons. It’s for the advanced pianist and the beginner. The piano voices on this digital piano, are not just sampled but also have VRM, virtual resonance modelling, to get the most realistic sound it calculates as you play the way an acoustic sound resonates in a sound board of a real piano. Try the new S.ART sounds on the CVP-809 with breaths, riffs, slides and harmonics added to the brass voices, guitars and more. When listening to the sound these new models have with your eyes closed, you would think it was a live band playing, or a real CFX or Bösendorfer Grand piano playing.


The new PSR-SX900 and the PSR-SX700, replace the great PSR-S975 and the PSR-S775. These are a huge upgrade to the way the perform, sound and controlled, and much more inline with the quality that Yamaha top of the line workstation keyboard GENOS has. The PSR-SX series have improved colour touch screen and controls, improved voices and style programming, realistic voices, VRM and more.

We filmed the launch and have the full show here, please enjoy Leon Blaher and Bradley Eustace demonstration these amazing new products from Yamaha!

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