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Yamaha Synthesizer MODX6+ 61-Keys

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MODX6+ – MODX6+ is a compact, lightweight, 61-key synthesizer designed for keyboardists to create deep sounds that stand out on every stage, studio or stream.

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Yamaha Synthesizer MODX6+ 61-Keys


The MODX+ instrument utilizes advanced technology, including the same AWM2 sample and synthesis polyphony used in the flagship MONTAGE, to deliver high-quality sound. It can produce 128 notes of both AWM2 and FM-X polyphony, making it ideal for creating dynamic, electro-modern music. The sound is the most important element of this instrument and MODX+ ensures all elements of your music sound amazing.


The AWM2 engine, unique to Yamaha synthesizers, provides more than sample playback. It has 16 AWM2 parts, each with eight programmable synthesizers, 18 filter types, amplitude, pitch and filter envelope generators, nine LFOs, 3-band EQ and a dual insert effect with Virtual Circuitry Modeling.


The latest Yamaha’s DX7 synthesizer combines classic ’80s and modern EDM synthesizer sounds with improved dynamic range, power and fidelity. The updated MODX+ surpasses the original DX7 with an 8-operator FM architecture, 128-note polyphony, and various filter types. It also features Motion Control for creating unique, constantly evolving sound textures.


Smart Morph allows users to transition between FM-X sounds using a morphing map that is created by an A.I. algorithm from up to eight FM-X sounds. This map can be operated from a touchscreen or the Super Knob, allowing the creation of numerous new and interactive sounds.


The MODX+ has 128-note stereo AWM2 polyphony and 128-notes of FM-X polyphony. Thanks to the unique architecture of MODX+ and MONTAGE, this polyphony is constantly available without any latency or compromises to other features.

Integrated Flash

MODX+ offers 1.75GB of non-volatile, low latency user flash memory for quick saving of custom music samples or synth libraries.


MODX+ offers high-quality sound and innovative DSP technology, including high-definition reverbs and detailed Virtual Circuit Modeling effects. It provides a variety of effects for EDM sound, such as Beat Repeat, Vinyl Break, and Bit Crusher, as well as the Spiralizer effect for a continuous rise or fall in pitch. Additional features include a sidechain compressor for a modern “ducking” effect and retro effects like Analog Delay, VCM Phaser, and Amp Simulators. The platform also provides piano-focused effects like Damper Resonance and HD reverbs for a realistic piano experience.

A/D Input

The stereo A/D input on the MODX+ motion control system can incorporate external sources such as analog synthesizers, vocals, and other instruments. This allows the MODX+ control to do more than just onboard effect processing, with the capability to control individual parameters physically or through its Motion Control. By adding features like the Vocoder, Envelope Follower, and Auto Beat Sync, the A/D input on the MODX+ effectively transforms into a stand-alone instrument.


Sidechain is a technique used in contemporary dance music to create a rhythmic “pumping” effect. It works by reducing the volume of a sustained part, like a pad, whenever the kick drum is played.


Soundmondo is a social network for sharing sound, specifically for storing and sharing MODX+ and MONTAGE Performances. Users can rate, name, and add a custom image to each stored Performance. The Soundmondo app, available for iOS devices, allows users to upload and download new Performances directly to MODX+.


MODX+ provides immediate access to a vast sound library, including sounds from the renowned MOTIF series and the legendary DX7, all crafted by top-class sound designers and artists.

DAW Integration

MODX+ Connect is a tool that facilitates data transfer between a computer and the MODX+. It allows users to transfer song data created on the MODX+ to the computer, and save edited performance data as a .X7B file. It operates based on Steinberg’s VST3 technology and works as a VST3 and AU plug-in with the Cubase series, other VST instrument software, and AU compatible DAW software. It can also function as standalone software.


The MODX+ is designed for modern music production, featuring a 4-in/10-out, multi-channel USB audio interface, two A/D inputs and compatibility with iOS. It can serve as the main component in a professional recording studio or live computer rig. It eliminates the need for an external audio interface through a single-cable connection.


The MODX+ Rhythm Pattern is a built-in drum machine feature that provides easy access to thousands of drum patterns. It is useful for adding rhythm during songwriting, practicing, or waiting for a drummer to set up or arrive.


The Super Knob is a tool for shaping sound, similar to how a conductor directs an orchestra. It controls individual dynamic elements, adjusting their levels and altering characteristics such as the length and tone of notes. It can also manipulate the perceived proximity of a sound, making it seem closer or further away.

The Super Knob is a device that can simultaneously control up to 128 parameters in a single performance, including mix functions such as volume, pan and effect sends, as well as detailed synth parameters like filters, LFOs and Operators. It can also be operated with an FC7 foot controller for convenience while playing with both hands.


Motion Sequences are tempo-synced, customizable control sequences that can be assigned to any synthesizer parameter, offering innovative sound creation methods. They also feature dedicated controls on the front panel for easy, real-time manipulation, enhancing interactivity and expression.


The Envelope Follower is a tool that transforms audio into a control source for any synthesizer parameter. This allows effects such as a drum loop driving a rhythm or a vocal recording controlling various parameters for a “talking” synthesizer. The audio source can be “live” through the A/D input.

Audio Beat Sync

Audio Beat Sync (ABS) is a feature that identifies the beat of an external device such as an electronic drum kit, drum machine or audio player. It then synchronizes the tempo of the MODX+ Arpeggiator, Motion Sequencer or Songs with the external input’s tempo.

Rubber coated PB and MW

The MODX+ model, similar to the flagship MONTAGE, features rubber-coated pitch and modulation wheels for a high-quality performance feel.


The MODX6+ weighs 14.6 lbs, the MODX7+ weighs 16.3 lbs, and the 88-note weighted Graded Hammer Action MODX8+ weighs 30.4 lbs.

Soft Case

The premium soft case for MODX+ is not only protective, lightweight, and stylish, but also durable. Made from high-quality nylon, it features high-quality zippers, pockets for pedals and cables, and a luxurious interior. This ensures your MODX+ remains protected and maintains its great look for years.

Weight 6.60 kg
Dimensions 108 × 45 × 25 cm
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