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Yamaha STAGE Keyboard 73 Keys | YC73

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The YC73 is an innovative creation specifically tailored for professional keyboardists who frequently perform at gigs. This remarkable instrument boasts a freshly designed Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) Organ engine that comes with physical drawbars, allowing for an immersive and interactive experience. The YC73 also provides comprehensive real-time control, adding a dynamic element to live performances. The authenticity of its Acoustic/Electric Piano and FM synth sound is unmatched, providing a true-to-life auditory experience. The YC series offers three distinct models, each one uniquely suited to different stages and keyboardists, ensuring that every player can find the perfect fit for their performance needs.

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The versatility of YC is truly unmatched, establishing itself as a master of versatility in the world of musical instruments. It boasts an array of premium keyboard sounds, offering a wider range of possibilities than any of its competitors. From the rich tones of authentic Yamaha grand and upright pianos, to the vibrant sounds of electric pianos and keyboards, and even a tonewheel organ with a rotary speaker, synths, and acoustic sounds – the YC has it all. What sets it apart even further is Yamaha’s proprietary VCM technology, which flawlessly recreates vintage analog EQs, compressors, and phasers down to the smallest detail – including transistors and resistors. This extraordinary feature enables it to capture the subtle nuances that often elude other digital simulations. The YC is essentially an all-in-one keyboard, delivering an unparalleled sound experience on the go.

To accurately replicate the warm, rich sound of an authentic organ, you must construct an organ engine from scratch, the way it’s done at Yamaha. Yamaha has managed to encapsulate your favourite classical organ sounds within a single, robust stage keyboard. The YC models offer three distinct organ sounds – a crisp, new sound straight out of the box, a well-travelled sound, and a vintage sound rich in character. If you want more control over your sound, you can adjust settings such as key click, leakage, and rotary speaker speed. This gives you the ability to customize and achieve that unique organ tone you’ve been yearning for.


YC delivers the genuine tones of traditional rotary speakers without the need for any upkeep. You can select from two accurately replicated rotary speaker profiles – one being warm and comprehensive, the other being gritty and assertive – and modify the speed of the top or bottom rotor for complete control.

[New to OS v1.2]

In response to your suggestions, we have incorporated a new “Studio” Rotary Speaker that showcases an expanded stereo field, enhanced separation of low rotor and high horn, and an amplified presence to penetrate through mixes.

VCM remakes the audio and characteristics of retro effects and top-tier studio signal processors by emulating the circuits to the level of the original analog components.


In 1983, Yamaha unveiled the distinctive tones of FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesis to the global audience with the release of the DX7 synthesizer. Today, YC is introducing FM synthesis to the organ for a fresh cohort of musicians. Simply switch to FM Organ, and your drawbars will manage 8 FM Operators that emit a clean, deep-toned sound. You can enhance the sound’s character and feel by adding rotary speaker or amp sim effects. The intuitive controls make the exploration of new sounds effortless. Additionally, you can replicate the classic transistor organ sounds that range from warm to reedy to buzzy by selecting one of the three available FM Organ modes.

[New to OS v1.2]

Three new FM organ types, termed F4, F5, and F6, aid in expanding your creativity. These introduce more advanced FM synthesis by incorporating modulators, also known as operators, which enhance carriers with upper harmonics, although they are silent. The combination of a user interface featuring drawbars and these modulators redefines the conventional drawbar organ experience, modernizing the classic drawbar concept for the 21st century.


At Yamaha, we incorporate a century’s worth of knowledge into everything you interact with. Regardless of whether you enjoy the organic touch of a graded acoustic piano, the even response of an electric piano, or a waterfall keyboard with genuine organ action, we have a YC model that suits your preference. It’s not surprising that Yamaha keyboards are the top choice for more musicians.

The YC73 models the distinct feel of an electric piano with its weighted and balanced action. Its E-to-E keyboard, along with a touch that strikes a balance between a graded acoustic piano and a genuine organ action, potentially makes it the most adaptable YC model.


YC Keyboards are made not only for playing but also for enduring rough handling. They can withstand being knocked, scraped, crammed into a vehicle, squeezed into an overhead storage and loved by musicians and their fans, performance after performance. In essence, they’re made durable, just like the company that manufactures and supports them.

The YC’s nine drawbars come with the anticipated footages and ratcheting found in an organ, but they offer more than what’s immediately apparent. The drawbar stops are transparent and feature customizable LED light color, making it simple to distinguish between simulated upper and lower configurations and play in split mode. This is akin to possessing a digital set of drawbars, offering an unprecedented array of sounds, flexibility, and options for a stage keyboard.

YC is designed for extended play sessions, not lengthy menu navigation. The user-friendly interface allows for quick and straightforward splitting, layering, and sound manipulation right from the main panel. This demonstrates that flexibility doesn’t have to be complicated.


YC88 weighs 41 lb, 0 oz (18.6 kg), YC73 is 29 lb, 9 oz (13.4 kg) and YC61 comes in at an incredible 15 pounds, 10 oz. (7.1 kg). Which makes them compact and light enough for you to be your own roadie. But with a sound that players who can afford roadies will appreciate.

Before you rock, roll. The optional YC soft case features a premium design and zippered compartments for storing pedals and other accessories.


YC features a built-in USB stereo audio and MIDI interface for Mac, PC and iOS devices. With a single USB cable, you can record the YC audio and MIDI to a DAW and play and monitor virtual instruments.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 156 × 52 × 29 cm

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