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Yamaha Genos2 Workstation Arranger Keyboard

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Our premier Arranger Workstation, Genos2, is standard with extraordinary sound quality. It pushes the Arranger Workstation sound’s limits, with our newest flagship, Genos2, incorporating the iconic DX7 FM technology, innovative Ambient Drums, and the highly regarded REVelation Reverb from Steinberg. The Style Dynamics Control empowers you to manage the energy and dynamics of all 800 preset styles, introducing a fresh musical aspect to Style playing. Complemented by the new brighter, anti-glare screen and Live Control LEDs, Genos2’s features collectively offer the most enriching musical experience.

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Yamaha’s top-of-the-line Arranger Workstation, Genos2, comes with outstanding sound quality as a standard feature. It boasts a range of technologies from Yamaha’s well-known DX7 FM, to the sophisticated Ambient Drums, and the highly acclaimed REVelation Reverb by Steinberg. These attributes of Genos2 combine to deliver the most lavish musical experiences.

  • 1,991 Voices + 75 Drum/SFX Kits
  • 800 Styles, including 200 brand new Styles
  • FM and AWM dual engine tone generators
  • Ambient Drums, Style Dynamics Control function
  • REVelation Reverb
  • 6 assignable knobs with LED gauge, 9 assignable sliders with LED gauge
  • 9 assignable buttons, 3 articulation buttons
  • 3GB on-board memory for expansion data
  • 15GB internal memory
  • FSX keyboard, Initial Touch/Aftertouch
  • 9-inch color touch screen with anti-reflective coating
  • Chord Looper function
  • Mic input for use when singing or collaborating with other performers
  • Playlist and Registration for quick and easy set up
  • Vocal Harmony and Synth Vocoder functions
  • Voice and Style expandability with the Yamaha Expansion Manager
  • HDMI port for external display or tv
  • 3 USB TO DEVICE terminals
  • USB Audio Interface
  • Wireless LAN *may not have this functionality depending on the country
  • Bluetooth Audio *may not have this functionality depending on the country

Screenshots of the Genos2 main unit demo where you can listen to demo songs of various genres

Over 1900 Voices and 800 Styles

Boasting over 1900 premium quality Voices and 800 Styles complemented by One Touch Settings that span a broad spectrum of musical styles, you’ll be instantly motivated to play your favourite tunes or even invent new musical compositions. More than 200 Styles are entirely new, and all existing Styles have been fully enhanced to incorporate new Voices and effects, such as FM tone generation and the use of Ambient Drums and Style Dynamics Control. The outcome is a high-quality professional production.

A crucial sound for any keyboard enthusiast is the Piano. Therefore, we not only introduced new Pianos but also improved the existing ones to a superior quality. The CFX, Yamaha’s premier grand piano, now includes more dynamic layers, 88 keys sampling, and double-length samples compared to its predecessor. You also have the option to choose from a Character Grand, a German 1980s well-worn piano that delivers a sharp yet smooth sound, ideal for Pop and Jazz music. The U1 Upright, Yamaha’s high-end Upright piano, has been tuned to offer a modern touch for contemporary Pop songs. If you’re after a more cinematic sound, try the new Felt Piano with its deep, sorrowful tone.

The S.Art2 Voices continue to lead the way with their playability and realism, offering unmatched articulations and legato connections in any hardware keyboard instrument. With Genos2, there are even more options to choose from, including not only the complete orchestral range, but also unique ethnic sounds like the Duduk, Shakuhachi, and Celtic Flute, which are perfect for movie scores.

Yamaha DX7 from the side

Legendary FM Synthesis

For the first time in an Arranger Workstation, the Genos2 incorporates a dual engine tone generator that utilizes not just AWM technology but also FM synthesis.

The FM, known for its vibrant and dynamic sound, was instrumental in powering the renowned Yamaha DX7, a device that was synonymous with the 1980s sound. The Genos2 integrates the legendary DX7 presets and a variety of new, contemporary FM Voices into the Styles and One Touch Settings. This allows users to access them with a simple button press, adding a fresh and warm sound to the Genos2.

Screen capture from Ambient Drums video

Ambient Drums

The new Ambient Drums, when paired with a single Live controller, allow you to select a range of drum sounds, from a forceful, unmodified, direct drum sound to a more remote, echoing, ambient room sound. This offers limitless opportunities for your Style playback. Drums are essential to any rhythm section, so having this degree of drum sound control will greatly improve your performance.

Screen capture from Style Dynamics Control video

Style Dynamics Control

In an Arranger Workstation, for the first time, the intensity and variation of all Styles, including User Styles, can now be modified with a straightforward Live controller. You now have the flexibility to have your backing band play at a gentle pianissimo level, a strong fortissimo level, or any variation in between.

Screen capture from REVelation Reverb video

REVelation Reverb

Reverb, though frequently unnoticed, is something we encounter daily. In Arranger Workstations, it’s applied to Voices, Styles, MIDI Songs, Multi-Pads, and the Mic Input. This is why the launch of REVelation Reverb by Steinberg significantly influences the sound of Genos2.

REVelation provides ultra-high resolution, producing a clear, natural sound. This makes it an ideal companion for an Arranger Workstation, where the reverb has to function across a broad array of Voices, Styles, and even vocals.

Photo of a finger operating slider with LEDs lit

LED lights on the MIXER CONTROL

The buttons and adjustable bars on the Genos2 offer an easy method to manage various facets of your show. The enhanced Live Control interface of Genos2 now comes with LED lights to quickly show the status of controls, which now also features a ‘catch’ function to minimize the chance of accidental usage during a performance.

Genos2 LCD display

9″ Large, vivid and sharp screen

The Genos2 features large, vivid and easy-to-see displays. The main feature is its 9-inch touchscreen, which is now more luminous, has an anti-glare finish, and is tilted an extra 5 degrees for better visibility to the user. The secondary display now offers options for light and dark modes. Regardless of whether you’re playing inside, outside or under stage lights, the Genos2 displays are designed to be easily seen.

Playlist displayed on Genos2 LCD


Playlist is an excellent method to arrange Registration Memory banks into easily accessible Playlists for immediate retrieval during a performance.

The revised user interface allows for Playlist entries to be arranged in either ascending or descending alphabetical order. Additionally, it enables you to navigate alphabetically through Playlist records and search for a particular term within the records.

When importing MusicFinder records from an older instrument, the Style name will be automatically integrated into the new Playlist record name.

WE STILL CURRENTLY HAVE THE 1st GENOS with V2.0 software available at a clearance price


Weight 20 kg
Depth (cm)



Height (cm)


Width (cm)


Number of Keys



16-Track Recorder, Chord Looper, Registrations, TFT Color LCD (Touch Screen), Workstation Arranger

Piano Key Action

Organ (FSX), Initial Touch/Aftertouch

Touch Sensitivity

Normal, Easy1, Easy2, Soft1, Soft2, Hard1, Hard2


384 & 128 AMW

Voice/Sound Engine

Grand Expression Modeling, Revo Drums, Super Articulation, Super Articulation 2, VRM-Virtual Resonance Modeling

Piano Voice(s)





9 Demo Songs, 1 Preset Song


16-Track Recorder, Internal Flash, USB Flash Drive


5 Pin MIDI in/out, AUX in, HDMI, Headphones, Line Out, Microphone


Bluetooth AUDIO only
Not compatible with any bluetooth headphones

USB (To Host)


USB (To Device)

USB Flash Drive, x 3


No internal speakers

Accessories included

Owner’s Manual, Power cord*/AC, Single Pedal




5 Years

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