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Roland LX-9 Luxury Digital Piano

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Premium Grand Performance in an Upright Cabinet | The LX-9, the crown jewel of the LX series, stands out with its elegant design and superior features delivers unparalleled sound and expression while incorporating the benefits of a contemporary digital instrument. Its fluid keyboard with Hybrod Grand action and towering upright cabinet, which encases a four-way, eight-speaker system, this luxurious piano effortlessly merges the aesthetics of a top-tier acoustic piano with the convenience of modern technology. Enhance your musical experience and add a touch of sophistication to your home decor.

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  • Premier upright piano with elegant high-gloss and non-polished finishes and finely crafted details
  • Designed with Roland’s advanced Piano Reality approach for a refined musical experience
  • Piano Reality Modeling sound engine provides authentic grand piano sound and response with unlimited polyphony
  • Hybrid Grand keyboard with progressive hammer action, escapement, hybrid wood/molded keys with Ivory Feel, long key pivot length, and unique haptic vibration
  • High Precision Sensing technology for ultra-detailed touch response
  • Responsive Damper Action, soft, and sostenuto pedals with continuous detection, damper modeling, and support for traditional techniques
  • Piano Reality Projection sound system with advanced sonic processing, premium audio components, and eight speakers with a dedicated center channel
  • Smart touch blackout panel with intuitive icons
  • Top lid can be set to open or closed
  • Low-maintenance design that never needs tuning
  • Connect a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to play along with favorite songs and work with MIDI music apps
  • Control LX-9 features, explore lessons, and more with the companion Roland Piano App
  • Advanced metronome, recorder, and dual headphones jacks for daily practice
  • USB ports for connecting with computers and flash storage devices
  • Available in polished white, polished ebony, and charcoal black finishes
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The LX-9 stands tall as the crowning glory of the premium LX lineup, effortlessly merging the grandeur of a concert grand piano with the convenience of modern technology. With its striking appearance and unparalleled sound quality, it offers a level of nuanced expression that truly sets it apart from other instruments. But the LX-9 is not just about traditional grandeur; it also brings to the table a range of advanced digital features to enrich your playing experience. This includes Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to pair your device for seamless music streaming, and the innovative Roland Piano App, which offers wireless control over your instrument. Additionally, the LX-9 promises a hassle-free experience with its maintenance-free care feature. Experience the blend of classic and modern with the LX-9, where superior performance meets cutting-edge innovation.

Elegant Expression

Experience the exquisite, robust sound enriched with intricate overtones and harmonics, brought forth by Roland’s innovative Piano Reality Modeling technology. Catering to every soft whisper of pianissimo to the robust roar of fortissimo, this technology infuses vibrancy into your music, offering a vast dynamic range and nuanced playability. The continuous sustain pedal allows half-pedaling, adding deeper layers to specific notes, enhancing their resonance and depth. Furthermore, the technology empowers you to customize the sound according to your preference by altering the piano’s timbre, giving you a truly personalized musical experience.

A Symphony of Sounds

The LX-9 is a truly versatile instrument, offering a broad range of tonal subtleties and expressive abilities that seamlessly adjust to your unique playing style. When you start playing softly, it produces a noble and calming sound, and as your playing intensifies, the tone naturally becomes brighter in response to your touch. This instrument is designed to be a true reflection of your passion, effortlessly capturing the way your emotions and techniques weave together in your music. The LX-9 doesn’t just replicate your performance; it elevates and personalizes it, providing a faithful mirror to your musical passion.

Roland LX-9 Digital PianoResponsive Touch

The LX-9 is not just a musical instrument, but a tonal translator that brings an organic playing experience to your fingertips. It beautifully responds to your touch, whether you are delivering commanding fortissimo excerpts, half-touch sensitivity, or performing rapid trills. The highly sensitive keyboard of the LX-9 enables the musician to generate an unlimited palette of tonal colors. Whether you are playing legato or staccato, the precision key release control ensures every articulation rings true. The haptic feedback and escapement mechanism further enhance the acoustic interaction, providing immediate response during expressive passages. Additionally, the LX-9 features long hybrid keys that provide a consistent weighted feel. This feature is particularly beneficial during extended practice sessions or performances, as it reduces the risk of strain, regardless of the hand’s position on the keyboard.


LX-9 Digital Piano

Lose Yourself in Music

The ambience of a space plays a pivotal role in shaping the acoustic sound of a piano. Piano Reality Ambience offers the ability to replicate the unique acoustics of six different environments, ranging from grand concert halls to more personal studio spaces. This innovative technology employs eight separate speakers to independently reproduce the sounds of various piano components such as the resonance of the strings and cabinet, the slight noise from the hammer, and several other intricate details. For those desiring a more solitary musical experience, there is also the option to connect headphones, providing an immersive solo performance that doesn’t compromise the rich, nuanced sound quality.

LX-9 Digital Piano

A Sound Investment

The LX-9 does more than just produce beautiful music; it brings an air of sophistication to any space with its classic upright design. Its movable lid and discreet blackout screen contribute to its acoustic piano appearance, merging the traditional aesthetics with modern technology. Moreover, the LX-9 has been designed to overcome the common logistical challenges of second-floor installations. It is shipped in two manageable boxes, allowing for effortless setup in any room. As a digital instrument, the LX-9 eliminates the need for regular tuning and other maintenance costs typically associated with acoustic pianos, making it not only a feast for the ears, but also an economical choice.

Weight 138 kg
Dimensions 159 × 71 × 108 cm
Depth (cm)

124, 16, 186cm (6'1"), 21, 275, 30, 38, 41, 44, 46, 47, 48, 49, 62


Height (cm)


Width (cm)


Weight Kg


Number of Keys



Glass Panel Sensor Buttons, LCD Information screen, Music rest: with Music page holders, Piano Designer, Top Lid opens

Key Cover

Fallboard, Soft-Close


Continuos Pedal Detection, Damper Modeling, Soft, Sonstenuto, Sustain

Piano Key Action

Counterweight, Escapement, High Precision Sensing, Hybrid Grand Keyboard, Ivory Feel, Wooden Keys

Touch Sensitivity

0-100 Percentage Value & Fixed, Hammer Response: Off, 10 steps


256, Piano: Limitless

Voice/Sound Engine

Piano Reality Modeling

Piano Voice(s)

324 Voices






Internal Flash, USB Flash Drive, Via Dedicated App

Convenient Functions

Auto Off, Dual Voice/Layer, Metronome, Panel Lock, Split Voice, Transpose, Twin Piano


Roland Piano


AUX in, Headphones, Line Out


Bluetooth MIDI & AUDIO
excludes bluetooth headphones

USB (To Host)


USB (To Device)

USB Flash Drive


13W x 2, 14W x 2, 21W x 2, 33W x 2


Piano Reality Projection, 25 cm (9-7/8 inches) x 2, Near-field Speakers (12 cm (4-3/4 inches) x 8 cm (3-3/16 inches)) x 2 Center Near-field Speakers: 8 cm (3-3/16 inches) x 2 , Spatial Speakers: 2.5 cm (1 inch) x 2

Accessories included

Owner’s Manual, Piano Bench, Power cord*/AC


Flat Pack – Requires Assembly


Charcoal Black, Polished Ebony, Polished White


10 Years

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