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Roland LX-5 Luxury Digital Piano

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The LX-5 perfectly embodies the harmony of sound, performance, and design. As an entry-level instrument in the LX series, it offers a potent sound experience, thanks to its advanced sound technology inherited from the flagship LX-9. The LX-5 provides a solid base for the development of pianistic skills, with its smooth hybrid action that allows your fingers to effortlessly glide over the keys. It also offers a plethora of digital features that not just enhance performances, but also facilitate learning. Moreover, its maintenance-free future guarantees a sound investment. The LX-5 is truly a testament to the perfect blend of sound, performance, and design.

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Piano Highlights

  • Sophisticated and polished ebony, deep black charcoal, dark-hued rosewood, and light-toned oak finishes with meticulously crafted details.
  • Advanced Roland technologies combine to provide a comprehensive piano experience.
  • Exceptional piano sound and response through Piano Reality Modeling sound engine.
  • PHA-50 hybrid keyboard featuring hammer action, escapement, Wood and materials that feel like ivory.
  • Key technology for sensing with high precision is vital for an extremely detailed touch response.
  • Continuous detection of progressive damper action, soft and sostenuto pedals, with damper modeling and support for conventional methods.
  • The Piano Reality Projection audio system, equipped with bespoke stereo speakers, provides an enveloping sound
  • Pair a smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth to play favorite tunes and interact with MIDI music applications.
  • Utilize the Roland Piano App to manage LX-5 features, delve into lessons, and discover much more.
  • Metronome, recording, and two headphone ports for everyday use
  • USB interfaces for linking with computers and flash storage units

Roland LX-5 Digital Piano in Charcoal Black finish

Superior Expression

The LX-5 is a remarkable innovation in the world of music, seamlessly merging the deep, resonant timbre of a high-end grand piano with the instant expressiveness of an upright piano. This finely crafted instrument stands out from sampled pianos that simply trigger preset sounds. Instead, it utilizes Roland’s pioneering Piano Reality Modeling technology, which meticulously replicates each facet of an acoustic piano’s sound. This results in a captivating and immersive musical experience that resonates with the authenticity and richness of a live performance.

LX-5 Digital Piano

Limitless Inspiration

Experience boundless auditory exploration with the endless tonal possibilities and expressive qualities that adapt seamlessly to your playing style. A gentle stroke of the keys can create a dignified, mellow resonance that soothes the soul, while an increase in intensity can bring forth a bright tone that perfectly mirrors your dynamic touch. The power of the performance lies in your hands, offering unlimited potential for a musical journey that is uniquely yours.

True to Your Touch

Developing the right techniques necessitates an uncompromising approach towards the action of the keyboard. It is essential to have an authentic weighted response, which facilitates a more nuanced control, especially during the performance of technically demanding compositions. This is where the groundbreaking PHA-50 hybrid keyboard comes into play. It provides the sensation of playing on high-grade acoustic piano keys, ensuring a smooth and realistic playing experience. Furthermore, its durability promises a reliable performance, never failing to meet your expectations, regardless of the intensity or frequency of use.

LX-5 Digital Piano

Shape Your Environment

If you’ve ever wished to experience your own musical performance from the distinct acoustics of a studio, lounge, concert hall, or cathedral, Piano Reality Ambience is the solution you’ve been waiting for. The advanced technology allows you to instantly transport yourself to these four immersive environments using the Piano Reality Projection four-speaker sound system. It is designed to authentically replicate the unique sonic characteristics of these spaces, providing a truly immersive and realistic auditory experience. For those who prefer a more private experience, you can simply use headphones to envelop yourself in beautiful music without disturbing others around you. Whether you’re a professional pianist or a music enthusiast, Piano Reality Ambience offers an unparalleled musical experience.

LX-5 Digital Piano

Design Forte

The LX-5 piano, with its compact design, can seamlessly integrate into any room, whether as the centerpiece or subtly placed in a corner. The classic upright styling of the LX-5 makes it a striking addition, complementing a variety of home décor styles. It’s not just its aesthetic appeal that makes LX-5 stand out, but also its practicality. Whether you’re planning to place your piano on an upper floor or in a basement, the LX-5 conveniently arrives in two boxes, ensuring an easy installation on any level of your home.

Weight 88 kg
Dimensions 156 × 65 × 81 cm
Depth (cm)



Height (cm)


Width (cm)


Weight Kg


Number of Keys



Glass Panel Sensor Buttons, LCD Information screen, Music rest: with Music page holders, Piano Designer, Piano Reality Headphones Ambience

Key Cover

Auto Power On/Off, Slide Tray


Continuos Pedal Detection, Damper Modeling, Soft, Sonstenuto, Sustain

Piano Key Action

Escapement, High Precision Sensing, Ivory Feel, PHA-50 Hybrid Keyboard, Wooden Keys

Touch Sensitivity

0-100 Percentage Value & Fixed, Hammer Response: Off, 10 steps


256, Piano: Limitless

Voice/Sound Engine

Piano Reality Modeling

Piano Voice(s)

324 Voices






Internal Flash, MIDI Recording, USB Flash Drive, Via Dedicated App, WAV Recording

Convenient Functions

Auto Off, Dual Voice/Layer, Metronome, Panel Lock, Split Voice, Transpose, Twin Piano


Roland Piano


AUX in, Headphones, Line Out


Bluetooth MIDI & AUDIO
excludes bluetooth headphones

USB (To Host)

USB MIDI & AUDIO, USB Type-B (printer port)

USB (To Device)

USB Flash Drive


21W x 2, 24W x 2


12 + 2.5 cm (5 + 1 inches) x 2 | 8 cm (3-3/16 inches) x 2, Four Speaker System, Piano Reality Projection

Accessories included

"Roland Piano Masterpieces" Book, Owner’s Manual, Piano Bench, Power cord*/AC


Flat Pack – Requires Assembly


Charcoal Black, Light Ash/Oak, Dark Rosewood, Polished Ebony


10 Years

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