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Casio PX-S5000 Black Slimline Digital Piano

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An Authentic Touch, with a Stylish Body

The Privia PX-S5000 incorporates the same Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard inherited from the upper models. It has a slim, stylish design with a sense of luxury. Great for those who seek a piano that offers both an authentic sound and touch of a grand piano, and a clean, modern look.

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The new Privia PX-5000 has been designed to blend seamlessly into any space while delivering Casio’s unique yet authentic piano sounds and touch. As the world’s slimmest* digital piano and housing Casio’s various proprietary technologies, the PX-S5000 is equipped with smart functions and an enhanced speaker system that can broaden the way you perform and enjoy music while delivering ultimate portability. The PX-S5000 comes with our Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard that delivers authentic touch, expressive power and playability, with a texture that gives you a playing experience of a grand piano.

*Based on the depth of an 88-key digital piano with hammer action and built-in speakers (as of July 2022, according to research by Casio).


Equipped with New Smart Hybrid Action Keyboard with counterweights on all keys.

Greater dynamic expression is achieved through Casio’s dual sensor & digital processing technology.

Spruce hybrid key construction.

New Ebony & Ivory Textured key tops offer a more natural playing feel and prevents slippage from perspiration & sound of fingernail contact on the keytop surface.

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Utilises the PX-S1100 chassis design – features Gold Casio print on the rear to differentiate.

Equipped with 2x USB ports (Types A & B) and WU-BT10 wireless MIDI and audio adaptor included for Casio Music Space applic usage – free for Android and Apple.

Also comes with dedicated Full Size Jack Line L&R Outputs.

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Hall Simulator – Acoustic characteristics of world-famous concert halls & room structures.

Reverb – Reverberation effects of various rooms & halls.

Surround – Acoustic effect creates virtual surround sound experience.

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Up to 10 MIDI User Songs internal memory – transferable to USB flash drive (type A USB slot).

MIDI Recorder – Up to 10,000 notes (total of 2 tracks) can be recorded for a single song.

Audio Recorder – 16bit WAV format recording onto optional USB flash drive (32GB capacity or less is recommended).

Centre Cancel function (vocal cut) both Audio In & Wireless Audio songs.

  • Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard combines an advanced physical keyboard mechanism with digital control technology for highly expressive playability.
  • White keys are made from a high-quality spruce wood/resin composite material for a natural feel and premium finish.
  • Stunningly authentic acoustic grand piano tones courtesy of Casio’s unique Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source.
  • The world’s slimmest* form with a front-to-back depth of just 232 mm.
  • Layer and Split functions allow you to layer two separate tones together or split the keyboard into upper and lower parts with individual tones for each.
  • The CASIO MUSIC SPACE app exclusively for Casio electronic musical instruments opens up new ways to enjoy making music.
  • The included WU-BT10 Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor allows you to playback music from your smartphone or tablet through the PX-S5000’s speaker system.*In terms of depth among digital pianos with 88 hammer-action keys and built-in speakers, Casio survey as of September 2022.


  • Simple, minimalist design aesthetic matches well with any interior style.
  • The world’s slimmest body housing a full-size weighted keyboard with a front-to-back depth of just 232 mm* allows greater flexibility in placement.
  • Keys made from a new composite material with real spruce wood veneer visible from the side when played.
  • Gold Casio logo lends a premium look and feel.
  • Flat, high-gloss-finish top panel with touch-sensitive controls.*In terms of depth among digital pianos with 88 hammer-action keys and built-in speakers, Casio survey as of July 2022.


  • Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source produces a wide range of exceptionally detailed and playable tones, including grand piano tones that include the rich resonances of the acoustic instrument.
  • The piano tone subtly changes over time and with every nuance of the player’s style, from the softest of touches to powerful, spirited playing.
  • The overtones generated by the piano strings for each of the 88 keys—and the resulting complex body resonances—are faithfully produced to create a beautifully rich and vivid piano tone.
  • Built-in speaker system delivers well-balanced sound with depth and weight in the low end and a sparkling high end with a vivid sense of presence.
  • Strengthened speaker diaphragm creates shimmering the high frequencies, while the reinforced internal structure keeps the low frequencies tight yet powerful.
  • The Hall Simulator/Reverb function recreates the acoustic properties of concert halls and other performance spaces producing a realistic sense of presence. Create your own space with your preferred acoustic settings.
  • Starting with Casio’s authentically detailed Concert Grand Piano tones, the 23 available tones span all major genres including pop and jazz with electric and acoustic pianos, organs, strings, bass and more.
  • Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard allows for highly expressive playing from soft to forceful touch through a combination of advanced physical keyboard mechanism and digital control technology.
  • Like an acoustic grand piano, the key mechanism uses the weight of the hammers so that the keys feel light when played softly but still responsive when played forcefully.
  • White keys are made from a high-quality spruce wood/resin composite material for a natural feel and premium finish.
  • White keys are finished to recreate the natural grain of ivory, while the black keys feature a new matte finish that closely resembles ebony wood in both look and feel.
  • 88-Key Digital Scaling technology means that volume is individually controlled for each key in response to how hard it is played, with the touch weight varying along the length of the keyboard, like a grand piano.
  • Four-step Hammer Response setting allows you to adjust the timing of the sound relative to how the key is struck and which register is being played, like an acoustic piano.
  • Three levels of Key Off Response control how quickly the sound decays when a key is released. A slightly more legato or staccato feel can be selected to suit the song.
  • Key Off Simulator controls how quickly the sound fades after a key is released depending on how quickly the key is released. This attention to the finest nuances of how a grand piano responds to the player’s expression is typical of the PX-S5000.


  • Essential for piano performance, the supplied SP-3 damper pedal can be connected to the PEDAL UNIT jack. For greater expressive control, the SP-34 three-pedal unit (sold separately) with a continuously variable damper pedal, can be connected.
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