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Casio Celviano AP-S450 Digital Piano

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The AP-S450 flaunts a sleek, slimline design reminiscent of an upright piano, providing a sense of grandeur with its proprietary acoustics system. This elegant model inherits the advanced sound source features from higher-end models, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the captivating allure of classical piano. Crafted to resonate with the intricate and nuanced expressions that are unique to the rich tradition of grand pianos, the AP-S450 brings a new dimension of joy to playing. To enhance your engagement with your instrument, a visual information bar displays the expressiveness of your piano playing, allowing you to connect with your piano visually as well as audibly. Revel in the beautiful rich grand piano voice, a fusion of advanced capabilities and traditional charm.

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Experience the captivating richness and unparalleled expressive prowess of a grand piano like never before with our revolutionary sound technology. Tailored to suit your unique musical preferences, our versatile grand piano tones adapt to the songs, genres and playing styles you love, offering a personalized performance like no other. Our sound system is meticulously crafted to capture the natural resonance of a grand piano, creating an immersive experience as if a grand piano were playing right in front of you. Achieve superior playability with our keyboard that fuses traditional hammer action mechanics with advanced digital control technology. Our three-pedal system has been carefully designed to enable delicate pedal work, capturing the nuanced subtleties of a grand piano. With a multitude of innovative features at your fingertips, you will be able to rediscover the enchantment of playing the piano. Despite its compact design, our piano brings the charm and elegance of a grand piano into your life without any compromise. Choose from three distinct color variations, including the elegant Rosewood-style brown, and embark on a novel piano playing experience.

Sound Source

The pursuit of authentic and high-quality sound in grand pianos has led to the development of the “Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source.” This innovative technology aims to replicate the natural and rich resonance that is unique to grand pianos. It allows for expressive nuances and seamless changes in tone based on your playing velocity and the passage of time, made possible through the use of “Multi-Dimensional Morphing Technology.” Further enhancing the piano playing experience is the meticulously crafted “String Resonance System,” enabling users to delve into the complexities of a grand piano’s resonance. The authenticity of a grand piano is also emulated through the “Mechanical Sound System,” which simulates various mechanical sounds. Lastly, the “Lid Simulator” feature allows for four levels of tonal variation, mimicking the effect of the opening and closing of a grand piano lid. These advancements in technology bring the grand piano experience to new heights, ensuring an immersive and authentic musical journey for all piano enthusiasts.


The “Lossless Audio Compression” technology is a revolutionary breakthrough that helps to prevent the degradation of the original waveform quality, thus preserving the full richness and nuances of grand piano tones. This innovative method allows for a vast array of waveform variations to be accurately captured and reproduced, yielding beautiful and expressive grand piano sounds. Unlike conventional audio compression techniques that often compromise on the fidelity and integrity of the original sound, the “Lossless Audio Compression” ensures that every detail of the original waveform is preserved. This results in audio output that is not only high in quality but also retains the emotive and dynamic expression of the original performance.


Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of musical masterpieces with the two grand piano tones, enabling you to truly embrace the essence of historical compositions that have been passed down through generations. Our uniquely designed 2-channel 4-speaker sound system creates a natural resonance, giving you the immersive experience as if a grand piano were playing right in front of you. The “Sound Mode” function allows you to customize your piano experience according to your style, by adding various effects to the sound output from the acoustic system. Additionally, the specially tuned “Headphone Mode” ensures that, even when using headphones, you can experience a natural and expansive sound that truly heightens your musical experience.

Smart Piano Action

The “Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard CELVIANO Edition” ingeniously merges the grand piano’s hammer action mechanism with state-of-the-art digital control technology. This fusion provides an emotive playability experience and offers diverse touch sensations tailored to the playing style and range of the musician. The white keys of the keyboard are crafted from a hybrid material, a blend of spruce wood and resin, mirroring the construction materials used in grand pianos. This not only results in a natural feel during play but also exudes a touch of luxury. Moreover, the keyboard provides precise control not just over the key press, but also the key release speed. This feature allows musicians to subtly control the dampening and resonance nuances, adding an extra layer of expressivity and finesse to their performance.


The design of the pedals in a piano is a crucial aspect that can significantly affect the quality of sound produced. An optimized pedal shape and spacing, inspired by the grand piano, allows for a more comfortable and efficient playing experience. This innovative design includes a continuously variable damper pedal that provides the player with the ability to modify the tone and volume of the music continuously. Furthermore, it features a soft pedal that supports half-pedaling, which allows for more nuanced control over the sound. This combination of pedal design and functionality enables stable and delicate pedal control, enhancing the overall performance and musical expression of the pianist.

Visual Information Bar

Incorporating a “Visual Information Bar” on the front panel of a musical instrument, like a piano or a keyboard, enhances the user experience by providing a visual confirmation of various essential parameters. These parameters include playing velocity, pedal operation, tempo, and beat. The bar, through its light indicators, allows the musician to visually monitor their performance in real time. This feature not only helps in maintaining the rhythm and pace of the music but also assists in improving the overall precision and accuracy of the performance. Therefore, a Visual Information Bar proves to be an effective tool in enhancing a musician’s control over their instrument.

Instant RePlayer

The “Instant RePlayer” offers an innovative solution for those who want to review their performances but don’t want the hassle of actively recording. With its continuous recording feature, it can cover up to 270 seconds of previous activity. This means that at any moment, you can revisit the past 4.5 minutes of your performance, offering valuable insights to improve and refine your skills. Whether you’re practicing a musical instrument, rehearsing a speech, or training for a sport, the Instant RePlayer ensures that no significant moment is lost, providing a convenient and user-friendly way to monitor and assess your progress over time.

Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor

The “Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10)” included with your instrument offers a seamless way to connect it with your smart device, wirelessly. This innovative feature allows you to play audio through your instrument’s sound system directly from your device by simply utilizing the adaptor. Moreover, it also facilitates MIDI data communication between your device and the instrument, thus, enhancing your music production process. The WU-BT10 adaptor provides the convenience of wireless connection, enabling a more flexible and efficient music creation experience.


The dedicated application, “CASIO MUSIC SPACE,” offers a multitude of features that significantly enrich your piano playing experience. It allows you to explore a vast array of options for graphical editing of the instrument’s functions, enabling you to customize the sound to your liking. Whether you want to adjust the tone, pitch, or volume, this app provides an intuitive interface that makes these modifications straightforward and effortless. Additionally, it offers features such as digital sheet music and tutorials that can enhance your learning and practice sessions. The “CASIO MUSIC SPACE” app is an innovative tool that takes your piano playing experience to a new level, providing an interactive and personalized musical journey.


Weight 45 kg
Depth (cm)



Height (cm)


Width (cm)


Weight Kg


Number of Keys



Glass Panel Sensor Buttons, Visual Information Bar

Key Cover

Slide Tray, Soft-Close


Half Damper Position, Soft, Sonstenuto, Sustain

Piano Key Action

Ivory Feel, Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard CELVIANO Edition, Wooden Keys

Touch Sensitivity

5 sensitivity levels & FIXED



Voice/Sound Engine

Acoustic Simulator, Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source

Piano Voice(s)





Instant Replayer up to 270 sec, Internal Flash


Casio Music Space




Bluetooth MIDI & AUDIO, Requires Casio WU-BT10 Adaptor
Not compatible with any bluetooth headphones

USB (To Host)


USB (To Device)

USB Flash Drive


12cm x 2 + 3.5cm x 2 | 2-channel/4-speaker


20w x 2

Accessories included

Owner’s Manual, Piano Bench, Power cord*/AC, Wireless MIDI & AUDIO Adaptor (WU-BT10)


Black B, Brown, White WH/WE


Flat Pack – Requires Assembly


5 Years

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