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Casio Celviano AP-550 Digital Piano

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The AP-550 is an innovative instrument that allows music enthusiasts to fully immerse themselves in the distinctive expressive power and joy that grand pianos offer. This instrument is deeply embedded in the rich heritage and traditions of grand pianos, enabling a unique musical experience. It combines advanced capabilities specifically designed for the refined and subtle art of grand piano performance, and allows for intricate and nuanced expressions, embodying a contemporary approach to enjoying music. Rediscover the beauty of the piano and the enchantment of music itself.

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Experience the captivating richness and expressive prowess of the grand piano like never before with our advanced sound technology. Our system offers versatile and personalized grand piano tones, tailored specifically to your preferred songs, genres, and playing styles. The sound technology is designed to capture the natural resonance of a grand piano, giving you the sensation of having a grand piano playing right in front of you. The keyboard combines the mechanics of hammer action with digital control technology for superior playability. Our three-pedal system captures the subtleties of grand piano pedal work, allowing for delicate expressions. Our innovative features will help you rediscover the enchantment of playing the piano. The piano is available in three distinct color variations, including an elegant Rosewood-style brown, offering a new and immersive piano experience.

Sound Source

The unique resonance of a grand piano is a sought-after quality that many strive to replicate. The “Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source” is designed to recreate this natural and rich resonance. It allows one to explore a range of expressive nuances and seamless changes in tone, based on the velocity of their playing and the passage of time, thanks to its “Multi-Dimensional Morphing Technology”. Further enhancing the experience, the intricacies of a grand piano’s resonance can be delved into with the meticulously crafted “String Resonance System”. The “Mechanical Sound System” adds to the authenticity, simulating various mechanical sounds associated with a grand piano. The “Lid Simulator” allows you to toggle between four levels of tonal variation, corresponding to the opening and closing of a grand piano’s lid. The “Lossless Audio Compression” prevents the degradation of the original waveform quality, ensuring beautiful and expressive grand piano tones are generated from a vast array of waveform variations.


The luxurious resonance of two grand pianos invites you to immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of historical masterpieces. Passed down through countless generations, these works of art have been preserved in their purest form, allowing you to experience the depth of emotion and creativity that their composers once put into them. The grand piano, with its powerful and melodic tones, serves as the perfect conduit, transporting listeners back in time and enabling them to fully embrace the essence of these magnificent pieces. Through this unique auditory journey, the grand piano enables an intimate connection with the past, a profound appreciation for the artistry that has shaped our cultural heritage.


This piano is furnished with a state-of-the-art 2-channel 4-speaker sound system, designed to replicate the rich, resonant sound of a grand piano, creating an immersive playing experience. One of its standout features is the “Volume Sync Equalizer,” which ensures balanced sound across all frequencies, even at low volumes. This makes it perfect for home practice sessions during quieter times such as evenings. Furthermore, the piano’s “Sound Mode” function allows you to personalize your experience, by adding various effects to the sound output from the acoustic system. An added perk is the piano’s specially tuned “Headphone Mode” which provides a natural and expansive sound when playing with headphones. Experience the grandeur and elegance of a concert hall from the comfort of your home.

Smart Piano Action

The “Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard CELVIANO Edition” is truly a masterpiece in the realm of musical instruments. It deftly merges the traditional hammer mechanism found in grand pianos with innovative digital control technology, creating a unique platform for expressive playability. This keyboard can produce a variety of touch sensations, which can be manipulated based on the player’s style and range. It is noteworthy that the white keys are crafted from a hybrid material comprised of spruce wood and resin, mirroring the construction of grand piano keys. This results in a natural feel for the player and gives the keyboard a sumptuously elegant finish. The precision control this keyboard offers extends beyond key presses, allowing the player to adjust the key release speed as well. This intricate level of control facilitates subtle variations in dampening and resonance, offering the player an enhanced level of musical expressivity.


The design of the pedal mechanism in a piano greatly impacts the overall performance and control of the instrument. The optimized pedal shape and spacing, inspired by the grand piano design, allows for precise and comfortable foot placement, enhancing the player’s control. The incorporation of a continuously variable damper pedal and a soft pedal that supports half-pedaling further adds to this control, ensuring stability and delicacy in pedal usage. This advanced pedaling mechanism allows for nuanced control over the sound, enabling musicians to achieve a variety of tonal effects and expressions, and thereby elevating their performance.

Visual Information Bar

Incorporating a “Visual Information Bar” on the front panel of a musical instrument or audio device significantly enhances the user’s interaction with the equipment. This feature facilitates visual confirmation of several crucial elements such as playing velocity, pedal operation, tempo, and beat, all through light indicators. The user can monitor and adjust these parameters in real-time, leading to a more refined and controlled performance. This information bar, therefore, serves as a handy tool, allowing the user to visually track their operations, thereby improving their musical precision and overall experience.

Instant RePlayer

The “Instant RePlayer” is a revolutionary technology that offers continuous recording, covering up to 270 seconds of previous activity. This allows users the freedom to revisit their performance at any given time without the hassle of active recording. Whether it’s musicians tracking their improvisations, athletes reviewing their techniques, or professionals analyzing their presentation skills, the “Instant RePlayer” provides an efficient and convenient way to reflect, refine, and perfect one’s performance. The concept of active monitoring becomes obsolete, as every moment is automatically captured and readily available for review and analysis.

Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor

The included “Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10)” is a powerful tool that allows you to connect your musical instrument wirelessly to your smart device. This device broadens the scope of your musical experience by facilitating audio playback through the sound system of your instrument. In addition to this, the adaptor also enables MIDI data communication, allowing you to control and interact with your musical instrument in various innovative ways. This wireless connection not only enhances your music-making experience but also gives you a seamless, hassle-free setup.


The dedicated application “CASIO MUSIC SPACE” is designed to vastly improve your piano playing experience by offering a range of features that enhance the graphical editing of the instrument’s functions. The app allows you to explore and customize various aspects of the piano, such as tone, rhythm, and even reverberation, giving you complete control over your sound. It also offers a digital score viewer, a music library, and a recording and playback feature, providing a holistic piano experience. The visually appealing interface makes it easy to navigate, ensuring that even beginners can fully utilize its offerings. With CASIO MUSIC SPACE, you have the power to transform your piano sessions into something truly extraordinary.


Weight 55 kg
Depth (cm)



Height (cm)


Width (cm)


Number of Keys



Glass Panel Sensor Buttons, Visual Information Bar

Key Cover

Slide Tray, Soft-Close


Half Damper Position, Soft, Sonstenuto, Sustain

Piano Key Action

Ivory Feel, Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard CELVIANO Edition, Wooden Keys

Touch Sensitivity

5 sensitivity levels & FIXED



Voice/Sound Engine

Acoustic Simulator, Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source

Piano Voice(s)





Instant Replayer up to 270 sec, Internal Flash, USB Flash Drive


Casio Music Space




Bluetooth MIDI & AUDIO, Requires Casio WU-BT10 Adaptor
Not compatible with any bluetooth headphones

USB (To Host)


USB (To Device)

USB Flash Drive


20w x 2


12cm x 2 + 3.5cm x 2 | 2-channel/4-speaker

Accessories included

Owner’s Manual, Piano Bench, Power cord*/AC, Wireless MIDI & AUDIO Adaptor (WU-BT10)


Black B, Brown, White WH/WE


Flat Pack – Requires Assembly


5 Years

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