Yamaha Keyboard Festival

Date TBC

Piano City Gold Coast

The Yamaha Keyboard Festival is a fun, relaxed performance opportunity in which all students can participate. Any age and skill level is welcome – all performers just need to have a desire to have fun with music and will be rewarded with a medal and certificate to acknowledge their participation.

Students will play any style of music as a solo or even in an ensemble with friendsI Whether you are a student or teacher and what instrument you play the Yamaha Keyboard festival is for everyone! Come see this great concert for students as they play their piano piece on a Yamaha Clavinova, Every student gets the chance to be part of this great initiative / yamaha community. They will perform in Piano City store on the Gold Coast.

The performances will be split over 3 concerts, starting from 1:30pm, 2:45pm, then 4:15pm.

Family, friends and customers are all welcome to come in to watch the performances, and also come see yamaha expert musicians perform.

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you require any more information in regard to the festival, please contact

CONCERT 1 – 1:30pm


Carys Campbell

Matilda Brackenridge

Ava Houlahan

Madeleine Houlihan

Rina Li

Sienna Ryan

Alyssa Silva

Aran Silva

Dora Shi

Nikki Shi

Karam Sousi

Hannah Tavita

Angie Varagic

CONCERT 2 – 2:45pm


Eleanor Boothman

Charli Cannon

Eden Everett

Maddy Gee

Jorel James

Lisa Kakimoto

Leeahn Kim

Eezann Lau

Eiden Lau

Charlotte Oxley

Erica Rowlinson

Lisa Rowlinson

Cadence Smith

Damian Varagic

CONCERT 3 – 4:15pm


Lauren Akers

Maddison Brown

Sue Donnelly

Zoe Little

Annie Lo

Jessie Lynch

Jotham Martinez

Campbell Roselt

Beau Skewes

Michiko Takahashi

Keith Wu

Alisha Xu

Sirius Yu