Looking to Buy or Rent a Piano? Retailer Offers Pianos for Sale in Sydney Area

Looking to buy or rent a piano in Sydney? It is important to consider the wide variety of options available. Coming in numerous different shapes, sizes, makes and models, Pianos sound as diverse as they can appear. Grand, baby grand, upright and digital pianos all serve different functions that are best suited for different performers. […]

Looking For New Yamaha Pianos In Sydney? Stop In At Piano City

If you are looking for new Yamaha pianos in Sydney, stop in at Piano City, the city’s largest retailer of both new and used models. Piano City is an authorised dealer of Beale/Pearl River and Yamaha acoustic pianos and also for Roland and Yamaha digital pianos. Whatever your piano needs may be, Piano City has […]

Looking for Beale or Yamaha Pianos in Sydney? Showroom Features Extensive Collection of New and Second Hand Models

Getting a new piano can be a major decision. Selecting which type, make and model can be difficult. Careful consideration, however, is certain to pay off. Although browsing and sampling models can be a hassle, a perfect match is priceless. A piano with the perfect look, sound and feel will give you many years of […]

Looking for a Digital Piano? Visit our Piano Shop in Sydney!

A little war wages on in music, with composers, theorists, and would-be artists all questioning whether a digital piano could ever replicate the warmth of an acoustic one. Sounds are debated, pitches are examined, and a satisfying resolution seems impossible to find until now. Piano City – the premier piano shop in Sydney – assures […]