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Looking to Buy or Rent a Piano? Retailer Offers Pianos for Sale in Sydney Area

Looking to buy or rent a piano in Sydney? It is important to consider the wide variety of options available. Coming in numerous different shapes, sizes, makes and models, Pianos sound as diverse as they can appear. Grand, baby grand, upright and digital pianos all serve different functions that are best suited for different performers.

For example, while a grand piano offers the richest tone, the large sizes (often 6 to 7 feet or longer) makes grand pianos less suitable for space-saving situations, whereas an upright piano would be far more fitting. Similarly, the variety of tones and functions of digital pianos make them preferable to some players, though others will also prefer the natural harmonics of an acoustic piano.

Thus it is important to carefully choose your piano. Be it for purchase or rental, the perfect match is waiting to be found. For shoppers in the Sydney area, Piano City in Parramatta is a great place to search. Being the largest retailer in Sydney, Piano City has a massive selection. The hands on experience will certainly help buyers understand their need and a team of experts is available to assist the decision.


For top quality pianos for sale, Sydney area retailer Piano City offers an extensive selection, including grands, baby grands, uprights and digital pianos. There are a wide range of new pianos in stock, which include brands such as Yamaha, Beale Grand and Upright acoustic pianos. However, carefully refurbished secondhand models greatly expand the options – including many upright Yamaha and Kawai models as well as Yamaha, Alex Steinbach, Young Chang, W M Knabe & Co and Victor grand pianos.

Electronic piano and synthesizer brands include Casio, Roland, Korg and Ashton. Although the sound is digitally produced, some of these models include touch sensitive and weighted keys, which closely emulate real pianos. Often much more portable than acoustic pianos, these electronic models are ideal for performers who travel. Also, the variety of tones and midi controller capability makes these pianos and synths are highly customizable – perfect for the inventive type.


Perhaps you’re looking for a rental as opposed to a piano sale? Sydney retailer Piano City offers a good range of pianos to rent for a special occasion. Holding a concert and need a grand piano for the night? Or perhaps you’re headlining a week at the jazz club and need an upright piano that will do the trick? Rentals from Piano City give you access to a superb selection of pianos, so there’s no need to settle for less.

Piano City also features a great array of piano services, including tuning, repairs, restoration and general maintenance. Their team of experts can assist with nearly any piano-related need. Nationwide shipping makes their premier selection available to pianists across the country. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a grand, baby grand, upright or digital piano, the premier service, selection and guaranteed lowest prices of Piano City makes it the perfect stop for piano needs.

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