Learn an instrument, and enjoy it with family, friends and loved ones. Music brings us together in times like this, and can entertain you when your are on your own.

One of the best things you can do during this time is stay afloat, keep yourself happy and occupied.

How to Learn a Piano in Isolation?

There are many new ways to learn a piano or instrument on your own, the traditional way is with a teacher, but that is becoming harder now due to the risk in the spreading of germs.

Some teachers have the option to teach you over the internet either using Skype or even FaceTime. Some of the digital pianos can even connect live to the teacher so they can help get you through a lesson.

Learning with a book, there are plenty of teach your self books available, some of which come with a DVD and you can follow lessons and exercises. The book is self explanatory and will take you through learning the instrument step by step.

Learning online, there are plenty of video tutorials free on youtube, there are even proper courses available online to take you through various exercises learning your instrument, learn the songs you want when your want!

Learning with apps, use your tablet device and connect it straight to your digital piano or keyboard. There are many apps available with video tutorials, music notation, follow the lights, and games to play. It is more interactive and you can learn like you are playing guitar hero, this makes learning fun and enjoyable.

Learning an instrument full stop! Is fun and enjoyable, once you’ve got the groove you just get in the mood to keep playing!

Learn more about the apps available to learn with!

Learn with the Clavinova connecting to your teacher over the Internet

This gives the ability to link up with another clavinova, and for you to play along with a friend or even have a teacher teach you how to play. The CVP Clavinova also has a key lighting system so you can see which keys are being pressed with the person you a linked to.

Watch this great video on how teachers use the CVP Clavinova to teach their students.

Child Education and Brain development

We understand parents have the difficult decision to send their children to school these days, and need to keep their child’s education going as much as possible.

Did you know that learning music is a great way for brain development of a child? There are studies that show how children who have learnt an instrument properly, their brain has developed faster and smarter than someone who has not.

Keep your child’s mind occupied in learning in every avenue possible, and with music they will enjoy it as much as just learning.

An opportunity not to be missed

During this time, it’s not a time to just stop what we are doing, but a time where we can redevelop the way we think, a time we can utilise and learn something new. Take the the negative and change it to a positive by learning something new. The time you’ve been given is a great opportunity to learn and develop your skills!

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What are you waiting for start learning now!

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